An old challenger approaches!

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It has been almost a year since Philip approached me on IRC about taking over his role as head of Battling 101. I told him I wouldn't make too great of an active leader, but he said all he wanted was a political figurehead. Most, if not all the work, was on the shoulders of the wonder twins Setsuna and Bloo, and they were perfectly fine with that.

I'll never really understand what the point was, but I was happy to introduce a few new ideas to the staff. I tried to revolutionize it with tutoring videos, but those never got off the ground (kg and rey so lazy). I wanted to get rid of evaluations since they they a lot more time than they are worth, but didn't manage to come up with a better alternative. So in the end, I did what I was hired to do, but not a whole lot more than that.

Several times, I've told Bloo and Setunsa: you can be leaders if you want. You deserve it. But they were like "naaah". Today, Bloo asked if he could be the leader.

Sure, why not?
While I have no experience with the tutoring program myself, I do know that when it comes to leadership, someone who not only has experience but a want for the role will usually excel at it because of their passion. Not saying you did not do well since I have no first hand knowledge, but just saying that Bloo might enjoy the responsibilities more than you seem to have portrayed.

P.S. Congrats!


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Congratulations, Bloo =D! And Mekkah, you have done a fine job; you give yourself too little credit.


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Bloo the new leader to lay down the teachings on the uneducated? Then reinforce this new motto:

2012: The year of change, from noob battlers-- to true battlers.

You can thank Bloo right now.
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