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Announcement Analyses have credits now! (ALL WRITERS MUST READ THIS)

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Hello everyone, as per this post, the standard analysis format has been changed to include credits for the writer as well as the QCers and GPers involved with it. If you are currently writing an analysis, make sure to edit the OP accordingly before moving on to the next QC check or into the GP stage. Thanks and keep up the good work :blobthumbsup:

- Written by: [[<username1>, <userid1>]]
- Quality checked by: [[<username1>, <userid1>], [<username2>, <userid2>], [<username3>, <userid3>]]
- Grammar checked by: [[<username1>, <userid1>], [<username2>, <username2>]]


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Hello fellow fucks! So if you're like me and have attempted to add credentials to onsite analysis, you most likely have run into the issue that is constantly having to re-look at someone's profile for their userID. So, me being an all powerful user of the Site Staff variety, I have decided to put together an assortment of various userIDs that have contributed to OU C&C in the past or present. This should help out a LOT with adding credentials as it's one less thing you will have to look for so you can just focus on finding the names instead. I will add more to this list as I come across them. Just open up the hide tags and Ctrl+F anytime you want to look for a userid quickly. Hopefully it's there!

Also keep in mind that even if you're active in more than one section, I still just put your name down once regardless. GMars suck me.

[sed, 166698]
[Ninjacalibur, 40008]
[Hilomilo, 313384]
[Eclipse, 302185]
[DMDW, 434601]
[Martin, 173240]
[AccidentalGreed, 35107]
[Vertex, 186941]
[Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request), 233142] (yes that is his actual name)
[AJB, 302550]
[JTD783, 278263]
[OldAmberPlays, 232261]
[mellowyellowhd, 423226]
[Nuked, 382658]
[teachable, 242277]
["false", 243786] (the quotes are needed otherwise the system sees the name as a script command and it will break)
[Felixx, 401973]

[DKM, 402001]
[Hootie, 137027]
[Simia, 300791]
[ABR, 223276]
[Eternam, 248449]
[Finchinator, 114198]
[LL, 144451]
[Indigo Plateau, 216712]
[GMars, 273636]
[Jordy, 395754] (Thicctornadus is also an acceptable alternative)
[Leo, 328915]
[lyd, 303291]
[Gary, 101351]
[PK Gaming, 38265]
[dk, 322027]
[Colonel M, 12650]
[Subject 18, 137683]
[p2, 245102]
[bludz, 253473]
[Halcyon., 171894]
[Zamrock, 41900]

[Eien, 100418]
[Eyan, 226777]
[Electrolyte, 148071]
[Fireflame479, 231476]
[Kris, 241023]
[martha, 384270]
[The Dutch Plumberjack, 232216]
[GatoDelFuego, 91628]
[P Squared, 168392]
[lotiasite, 302985]
[CryoGyro, 331519]
[Fireflame479, 231476]
[Rakan, 45152]
[frenzyplant, 185509]
[A Cake Wearing A Hat, 388157]
[allstarapology, 400292]
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