All Gens Ancient Lower Tiers Premier League Vol.2 - Player Signups

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Player Name: vani
Timezone: +1
Tiers Played: GSC Ubers / GSC UU / GSC NU / GSC PU
Tiers NOT Played: RBY Ubers / RBY UU / RBY NU / ADV Ubers / ADV UU / ADV NU
Activity Issues: /

I'd like to play the opposing teams best GSC slot every week. Please only buy me if you're willing to make this possible.
Player Name: Ctown6
Timezone: -8
Tiers Played: RBY Ubers
Tiers NOT Played: none
Activity Issues: I’ll only be able to play once or twice during the regular ssn but will be full avail for poffs, looking to help build and support someone else for the most part. (Things could change with me being able to play more but do not anticipate that, and do not overpay for me)
Player Name: Magician
Timezone: -6
Tiers Played: ADV Ubers, ADV UU, ADV NU
Tiers NOT Played: All RBY, All GSC
Activity Issues: No


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Player Name: Sceptross
Timezone: +0
Tiers Played: RBY Ubers
Tiers NOT Played: All ADV tiers
Activity Issues: My main focus during the tournament will be in SPL, and it's been a while since I played RBY Ubers so please keep that in mind if you're planning to draft me!
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