NOC Animal Mafia ~Game Over~

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Note about design spec:

it was sort of funny how a lot of people used roles to justify whether something was likely to be town or not.

Every single role in this game was designed to be of either alignment. We designed 17 roles for all of the various animals. We made 2 RNG rolls. The first was animal -> player. The second was for mafia, town pr, or nilla.

We only would have rerolled if town had 0 information or something similar.
Modgaming was a factor in my decision making but I primarily relied on behavior to make the final vote

And FH just looked so much more worse than Jalmont, especially considering Blazade's play
yeah. The blazade misplays were a bit unfortunate. But what could I really do with a scum team that was taking a nose dive and an outed role?

frankly, one of the funniest parts was when Proph was talking about not seeing any agenda to my play and I noted in scum chat that litterally my only plan was to stay alive as long as I possibly could.


Skadi :)
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As NOC goat, I deem this win legal for village. IF FUCKING LIGHT YAGAMI LOST DUE TO ACCIDENTALLY REVEALING THAT HE WAS MAFIA BEFORE DL WAS UP, so should FH! D: also don't forget to mention who's the goat that carried by saving texas that one night which led to 3 straight lynches. YW

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“It’s no use!” muttered Former Hope under his breath, as he battled in an epic standoff against his mortal enemy, Prophylaxis the Grizzly.

Sure, he could eliminate Prophylaxis easily, but it would leave him vulnerable to an attack from the side. “Jalmont is still on the field,” thought Former Hope. A full-on frontal attack would only end in a defeat. He must bide his time.

Jalmont watched keenly as the two deadly animals battled fiercely, trading blow after blow, but with neither side having an upper hand. He had to wait for a good opportunity to enter the fray — knowing how frail he was, he couldn’t engage recklessly, lest he gets slain in a single hit.

This final battle for the Animal Kingdom grew increasingly tense, as both parties were beginning to tire out. However, the stalemate continued. It almost felt like weeks to them, even though the day had barely ended.

The edge of the horizon started to become a little more red as the two gladiators traded blow after blow. It was almost night, but there was still no clear victor in sight.

Man, this is getting boring,” Jalmont thought to himself. His eyes grew heavy.

Former Hope, the mythical Silver Hedgehog, sneaked a glance towards his loathsome watchdog. He saw his chance.

“Take this!!”

The Silver Hedgehog conjured a spear out of pure light, and impaled Prophylaxis cleanly through the head. There was no yelling, there was no struggle, there was no more resistance. A fountain of blood spurted out of the wound, painting the surroundings a deep scarlet red.

Jalmont clutched his head in his hands as he took in the sight before him. The valiant Prophylaxis sprawled unflatteringly on the floor, pink entrails extending out of his head. There was no trace of the villain.

“But it was only for five minutes!!!” wailed Jalmont the Slakoth.


Prophylaxis was impaled in the head with a psychic spear. He was Bear, Vanilla Townie.
Former Hope has escaped. He was Silver Hedgehog, Mafia 2-Shot Redirector.
Jalmont has been endgamed. He was Fish, Messenger.

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And so it ends.

Thanks to everyone for playing and making this game awesome and a success!! Especially special thanks to DLE for being an awesome cohost, like he is the bestest ever. Like, I had doubts because in the past whenever I hosted stuff, the co host was pretty useless, but DLE was up and above expectations and this game would not be possible without him.

I consider this game a success, especially the fact that the game got to lylo and in fact was extended to its longest possible limit (3p lylo) which means a fair and fun battle for everyone. Although the ending was unfortunate, it was a blight to an otherwise really good game. I hope everyone had fun while it lasted. I am so proud of my creation and am so glad that everyone could enjoy it.

Fullest thoughts when I get to a computer because I’m phoneposting (even the above flavor was phoneposted), but ask me anything and I’ll be happy to answer
Mmm, so it is a mafia victory then.

Kind of disappointed/frustrated that all of my effort went down the drain, but whatever. Like I said before, decision was completely out of my control and has been that way for a couple of weeks now, nothing I can really do except shrug and laugh.

Just can't win a game on this site I guess.
Great job hosting, kind of ridiculous outcome but yeah shit happens. Epik did really well this game I think

Kind of lost motivationt after the Earlio lynch+losing my vote, in my mind it was pretty much FH being 90% scum and leaving it at that
Proph put in serious work and I just didn't have it in me to reread and discuss isos with him when I probably should have

also durza should be blacklisted thanks for this super close game folks
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