NOC Animal Mafia ~Game Over~

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Former Hope

I am the town this game
is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus
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Sort of caught up. Vaugely.

1. I'm a 2x redirect, 1st was xx to one of the a user's and 2nd was jalmont to earlio

2. Agree with the aubisio thing came off very fidgety. So unvote but not hammering for the selfish reason that the longer until hammer the more time I have to recover
Hell to have wasabi jokes
Yes no Proph?
Get off, out
Use action tomorrow
On him
Whiteboard squirrel
Kangaroo interesting later liar
Monkey owed ole damn yappy
Moment drive hard spy train kit science pie style wyvern
I can say random words and phrases too
The bat flies in the night
You break it, you buy it
He who laughs last thinks slowest
Don't mix fish and cheese
auto shop
Strait of Gibraltar
It isn't a very comprehensive defense
hey guys im not actually ascetic

im commuter

i confused the roles at first and was too scared to fix it
also i thought it might work as a kill absorber
Wait N2 was the no kill night we spent a year and a half deciphering right?!?! AND THAT WAS ALSO the night aubisio claimed to have ascetic'd/commuted. And if aubisio is being honest about realizing his mistake. He wouldve came forward about his role as a potential answer to the no kill night. (implying town!aubisio) Yeah no; i dont care how scared you were. Calling bullshit that a townie would let discussion drive that far and not come forward with the fact they couldve stopped the kill and sticking on this regardless of what i get out of the code. And suggest you guys do the same.
Fuck meant to quote this. Would like your thoughts as to my previous post regarding N2 since you arent on aubisio now. Seeing as aubisio even stated they thought their role could be used as a kill absorber.
it would make sense yeah. whether or not it's reasonable that it takes aub until now to remember im just not sure

of course, i dont really see a world in which the mafia tries to kill aubisio over everyone else in the game let alone texas so id be very suspicious of that lol
I forgot

Also Hitmonleet and EPik are town
I understand reading me as town (because im pro and clearly carrying town on my back with next level playz) nah but seriously explain the basis to these reads. Fmpov these reads are a last ditch effort to sling a TR out and gain someone to your side before getting bopped. Esp since these are reads on two people who hard SR for one reason or another.

Da Letter El

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Final Vote Count

Aubisio (4): 3P1K, apricity, Prophylaxis, Earlio
Hitmonleet (2): MoodyCloud, Jalmont
Not Voting (4): Haruno, Hitmonleet, Aubisio, Former Hope

With 10 alive, it's 6 to hammer.

Deadline in ~30 mins.
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