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Shield Hero is fine if you're the sort of person who can enjoy uncultured (ie trashy) low-mid tier isekai stuff. I feel like the SAO comparison is pretty accurate for the most part except for the whole shield thing that means that MC has to work in a party instead of soloing everything.

Dororo is alright so far, though the two protagonists are an annoying kid and a mute so it's hard to really care for either of them, and I'm also kind of concerned by the fact that the manga it's adapting apparently doesn't have a proper ending.

Manaria Friends feels like it was written as a full-length show and then compressed to a short afterwards which is fairly plausible considering it was delayed indefinitely for awhile. It's pretty much fluff but if you're looking for dragon girl lesbian romance it seems like the best there is.


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A while ago I purchased this book and it finally arrived today. It's a collection of illustrations from prominent artists in the anime / doujinshi community celebrating characters in anime and games from 1989 to the present day, along with a couple of pages of commentary. Overall I'm really happy with it and there's a bunch of pictures I love including one of Kinomoto Sakura by Poyoyon Rock aka Akio Watanbe; the character designer for Nurse Witch Komugi, Popotan, and lesser known shows like the Monogatari Series.

I've not spent a huge amount of time looking through the commentary sections but I managed to translate the names of all the shows and games that were highlighted on the timeline by the main committee that put the book together. From what I can tell these are the anime and games they consider to be the most significant from their respective years, and I thought some of you might be interested in looking at what the Japanese consider industry staples.
1989 - Ranma 1/2
1990 - Patlabor, Nadia, Chibi Maruko
1991 - GPX cyber forumla
1992 - Street Fighter ii (game), Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho
1993 - V Gundam, Slam Dunk
1994 - G Gundam, Hao Taikei Ryu Knight, Rayearth, Evangelion
1995 - Slayers
1995 - Tenchi Muyo
1996 - Saber Marionette J, Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!!, Kidou Senkan Nadesico
1997 - Revolutionary Girl Utena, Yume no Crayon Oukoku
1998 - Cowboy Bebop, Cardcaptor Sakura, Lodoss War
1999 - One Piece, Hunter x Hunter
2000 - Love Hina, Tsukihime (game)
2001 - Galaxy Angel, s-CRY-ed, HELLSING, Mahoromantic
2002 - Kanon, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Final Fantasy XI (game)
2003 - FMA, Kino's Journey, Uchuu no Stellvia
2004 - Futari wa Precure, Nanoha, BLEACH
2005 - Air, Aquarion, Akagi
2006 - Haruhi, Code Geass, F/SN
2007 - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Lucky Star, Hatsune Miku (game)
2008 - Strike Witches, Toradora
2009 - K-On, Saki, Bakemonogatari
2010 - Heartcatch Precure, WORKING!!
2011 - THE iDOLM@STER, Anohana, Madoka
2012 - SAO, Girls und Panzer, Aikatsu!
2013 - Love Live, Shingeki no Kyojin
2014 - F/SN UBW, Shirobako
2015 - Cinderella Girls, Hibike! Euphonium
2016 - Kimi no Na wa, Re:Zero
2017 - Kemono Friends, Player Unknowns Battle Grounds (game)
2018 - SSSS.Gridman, Hiscore Girl
Personally I think it's a pretty good list, you can get a better picture of Japanese taste from the 2ch popularity charts but it's still a nice reflection. Nice to see Heartcatch Precure make the list as it's badass and should be core viewing in the west too. I think that generally I prefer the shows listed for the earlier years; Kemono Friends and PUBG are hardly my go to for 2017, but I guess those were both pretty huge. The prevalence of Slayers in a lot of the illustrations has me interested in the series so I'll probably check it out as well as Tenchi Muyo, Lodoss war, and a couple of the other older OVA series.
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Kaguya I've finally gotten around to watching; first two episodes were fine. Lots of smirk exhaling through the nose, not a whole lot of laughing; sort of enjoying the premise, but not in love with the execution of what I'm supposed to take from assorted skits. Turns a corner and has a run of some great skits and my first real laughs in ep 3. I thought the magazine skit was hysterical, 20 questions concluded well, and the walking to school skit was the first time that we actually get a reason to care about them being together and was definitely a feel good moment.

I'm fairly sure some people are gonna go crazy for the 1 off ED but this didn't do anything special for me; "oh it's a smoothly animated ED sequence with a song I don't like, ok" but i'm sure it will have its fans
Like rodan says domestic na kanojo has a killer op and I honestly watch it just for that

Boogiepop: Im not a fan of shows that to get any satisfaction out of I have to read tv tropes and a wikipedia page if u like boogiepop then u probably think lain is a masterpiece which is ok but maybe you should get a degree that isnt theology/media studies

Shield hero: A show that had a few warning signs of being cheesy isekai shit but I absolutely loved this first arc writing a character thats happy with their status as a slave is really treading on "holy shit" territory but shield hero does it super well

Ueno: Its funny because shes horny and does science to justify it. if u like ueno ur probably a genius.

Neverland: Really gripping jump mystery thriller. I was cautious but damn it turned out good. Also opening is catchy.

Dororo: Kind of hard to believe this is made by tezuka but the japanese medieval horror style is cool as fuck
This show gets its own post because I've never seen a show that nails my trash so hard. Magical other world slice of life lesbian dragon princess and its absolutely gorgeous and the dragon girls uniform is split up into two parts with an opening that allow for her wings and holy shiiii
I legit hope that she has some identity crisis about being half dragon or something or we get some more world building that would be fantastic


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roundup on all the shit i've been watching. i'm a few weeks behind since i've been focusing on my backlog more but i still figured i'd talk about what i've been enjoying.

it's good. not really a lot to say just didn't want you to think i dropped it.


not the best thing i'm watching right now but it's so low commitment that there's no real reason for me to drop it. some of the interviews are pretty insightful too, although i'm not sure they had to be 6x the length of the actual episode.


omata is trying so hard to ape shaft's style without really understanding what makes it tick. he'll just do something retarded like make half the screen red and the other half a kaleidoscope and all the people who think itamura's monogatari looks good will clap their hands and eagerly reach for their wallets to buy the bds. rakugo shinjuu wasn't really my cup of tea but the direction was super tight so when i saw omata would be doing kaguya-sama i might have gotten my hopes up to high. needless to say i'll be sticking to the manga from now on.


wasn't expecting to enjoy this show as much as i did based on my initial reaction to it but i've been catching up on it and it's honestly not too shabby. is it incredible? no, far from but it's still a fun watch if you pace yourself. i'm not a duty-bound tatsuki shill so you can trust my opinion on this.


i'll be honest i'm not as into this season as everyone else but it's still good enough that i don't really mind watching an episode every week. none of the episodes have left that big of an impression on me so far but i'm still holding out for the finale.


nothing's really grabbing me about this season but i don't really mind, it's just plain entertaining and kappard is frankly badass, hope we see more of him.

the only show along with precure that i insta-watch each week. you might be sleeping on ueno-san just because it's a fetishbait flash cartoon but i assure you that it's a fetishbait flash cartoon of the absolute highest caliber. in all honesty this will probably end up snagging the title of aots for me.


surprisingly enjoyable all things considered. it's basically diet ichigo mashimaro but i'll be damned if i don't love that show too.

that's all. everything else was dropped within three episodes. kind of wanted to check out egao no daika and the new moriwaki but i cba.


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Not too sure who still reads things like Tower of God but if you haven't started yet or had apprehensions I would without a doubt start reading it here (support the developer please!) Tower of God just finished its hiatus and break for seasons 2 and 3, with season 3 started this Monday. It is hands down my favorite series ever, I rank it above things like Gurren Lagann, Hunter x Hunter, even things I've read like One Piece or Berserk in terms of Shonen capabilites. It takes some inspiration from things like Hunter x Hunter with how fights are often set up with unique ways to beat things, strategy wise, and a lot of the fights aren't just who has the biggest blast.

I find the artwork to be absolutely amazing if you're into that although admittedly it is not amazing in the first season (roughly the first 70 chapters) but picks up to be absolutely mindboggling detailed in later chapters. The character designs are usually unique enough that everyone finds some favorites, with my personal favorite being the Slayer, White. Other ones I really like are Koon Aguero Agnis and Hwa Ryun. Below are some screencaps of my favorite depictions of these characters (of White, the greatest character of them all).




The thing I love most about Tower of God is the foreshadowing and worldbuilding behind it. If you know me you know that my favorite games are things like Dark Souls, Hollow Knight, etc, and in part you also know that I like those games with the amount of lore hidden in the background for people to discover. Tower of God is the same way, although much more intentional and laid out for the average reader. To start with the series focuses on Baam, an otherwise ordinary dude who enters a "tower" to compete, albeit unwillingly. The tower is a place where there are 134 floors (possibly more though the highest anyone has gotten is 134) with each floor requiring a test of some kind to progress, usually where you compete against other test candidates, often to the death. It's a grueling place where teammates are often disposable, outright power isn't the only thing that will allow you to win the fight, and with clearly defined "winners and losers.' By that I mean that from the start the author foreshadows these giants in the world to exist and influence world events, and the vast majority of people you meet are just no name "fishes." You can read Hunter x Hunter, for example, and learn about Ging from episode 1, but he's never actually shown until like 140 episodes in, or Naruto and the "big names" like Hashirama or Madara aren't even mentioned or shown until way later. Tower of God does this idea so much better imo, with mentioning a lot of the bigger names outright either in lore backstories from the author or directly in the story from the beginning, then slowly teasing the people in and out of the story. The scale of the power levels is really exciting to watch, with these big names often being asleep or otherwise uninterested in the comings and goings of the world but often having to get involved with the story in some way, so its cool to see certain powers or techniques way ahead of time and then figuring out through training arcs how the stuff actually happens. Honestly the best way to describe the series is just epic

please read this series so i have someone else to talk to about it thank you

I really cannot stress how good this series is. I read a lot of manga and webtoons and manwha and if you're looking for a shonen to get into that's not just dudes yelling at each other then you should get into reading it. I also have a discord i can link people if theyre interested in talking about the story or speculation and stuff.

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