[Announcement] I am not quitting Smogon!

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The professor?
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However, I am stepping down my position of tier leader. Many of you have probably noticed my unreliable activity, often being away for a few days, then coming back for a couple, and just generally not being online regularly enough. Therefore, I don't think I am the best person for this job any longer.

To be honest, mostly I've just been enjoying spending my spare time doing other things, rather than going on Smogon all the time. So when, I do get on Smogon, I usually can't be bothered dealing with things that a tier leader/mod has to deal with, as that's all I end up doing. I'd rather just use Smogon and PS for relaxing and down time, not trying to organise stuff.

I will still be around of course. I'm always on PS when I get the opportunity, and I will still be posting in this forum semi-regularly. I am also going to continue hosting the LC Tournament circuit, [for now].

Anyway, QuoteCS is going to take my position as co-leader. He's already a mod, and I believe he's the best person to continue leading the tier, as he's pretty much been acting as an unofficial third co-leader anyway. Congratulations to him!
QuoteCS Banner Request said:
Background color: #D66E00
Text color: #CF1124
Pokemon: Timburr
Text: Little Cup Co-Leader
Hover Text: I'll take a poutine, hotdog, and a slice of works, please.

This is how I do it, right?
Imma say this is a bold move taking Celestavian 's pokemon for your banner... Quotecs already asserting himself. Good luck quote, you'll be a great leader imo!
Damn Rowan, you were such a cool guy. Sad to see you step down- best tier leader ever imo!

Grats to Quote, I know you don't like me but you seem like you're definitely the best for the job.
Everytime I see there's new posts in this thread, I get worried that people are quitting.

But nope, it's fucking memes
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