Tournament Announcing a $500 prize pool BW DOU tournament! [not signups]


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Pack an umbrella, because in little over 2 weeks signups for a $500 prize pool BW DOU tournament will be posted! Funded by a connoisseur of the BW Doubles meta, in this thread are all the details you need to know to pave your way (and pay your bills) by making it big as a professional Smogon Doubles Player.

What is BW Doubles?
You can find the rule set and metagame discussion, as well as other resources here.
When will the tour start?
Signups will be posted Aug. 24th.
Who is eligible to enter?
Anyone not currently tour-banned. Entry is free!
What is the tournament format?

The tournament will be 2 week rounds, bo3 single elimination.
How is the prize pool distributed?
1st place: $350,
2nd place: $100,
3rd & 4th place: $25.
Who's running the tournament? Who can I yell at about not getting my activity win?
I will be hosting the tournament, with close guidance from the DOU tierleaders.

This thread is also doubling as the meme/hype thread, so feel free to spam mish and/or go wild
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For those of you building new teams, here are some helpful hints:
- Sleep Clause is enabled, because sleep in BW is ridiculous. There's no powder immunity like in gen 6, and the sleep timer resets when a sleeping Pokemon switches out. This means HypnoGravity is technically not banned, but you're probably better off not using it.
- Sky Drop creates a game breaking glitch and is banned.
- Don't look at any BW team I've ever built for inspiration. They are all terrible.

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