Announcing PodCAP, The Create-a-Pokemon Podcast.

Good day everyone! It is with great excitement that I announce the first edition of PodCAP, a Create-a-Pokemon-focused Podcast where I will be sitting down and discussing various topics with members of the community. Our first episode, recorded on 05/28/2018, sees me sit down with our very own Birkal and EpicUmbreon29 to take a walk down memory lane and see how CAP has evolved over the years.

You can find us at the PodCAP Soundcloud and, depending on developments, potentially on Youtube. This is still a fledgling project and, as such, we would be very grateful if anyone with knowledge of sound editing and recording is willing to lend a hand. As is, the first edition has a couple rough patches, but we're only get better the more experience we accrue.

Special thanks to Reiga for the fantastic art, and to Qumu for allowing us to use his Verdanturf Remix for intros and outros. I welcome you all, and I hope we have a great time!
We're currently discussing that, but I feel the answer will have to be 'depends on CAP'. I need to have something to talk about with my guests, after all :D.
I do enjoy that Birk mention how we could change the process of CAP by drafting new concepts after Art polls are done on the current CAP, it does fulfill our purpose of creating a pokemon.


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I had an enjoyable time listening to the PodCAP. Zeph is an excellent host who directs discussion clearly both for the listener and the other participants. It's a pleasure to listen to Birkal's and Umbreon's experiences with CAP and what CAP has become, and I was grinning in multiple parts. :)

"Man, now I feel super-lame, because, like, if this was like a Miss Universe contest, and Epic's answer was, like, 'I want world peace for everyone,' and mine was just like, 'Every time I eat chocolate, I want it to be two chocolates.'"

I'm looking forward to future installations of this podcast!
Good stuff! As a relatively new CAP participant, hearing about process history from a first person perspective is super interesting and helpful to me, and this episode had quite a bit of that in addition to being a solid interview.
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I mentioned this on discord yesterday, but I wanted to just reiterate here how much I enjoyed that podcast. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

And any time you want to compliment roast me, I would be happy to participate (though I doubt it would make for a very good podcast). Well, I mean, I'd be happy to participate in one regardless of its contents, but that segment of the podcast just made me laugh so much I had to comment on it.

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If you add the pitches of Viper and Offler's voices together, and then equalize you get an average voice >_>

Good PodCAP, Gentlemen.

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