Walrus Another Walrus (23/20) Winners: Joddy(1st), Texas(2nd w/Nitro) , Chapter Seven (3rd), Schia (4th with Nitro)

Another Walrus approved by Duskfall98

Welcome to yet another Walrus. (Song Selection Competition if you’re from dial up internet era)
This is a fairly standard walrus with 10 categories with most categories being scored out of 10 and averaged before winners are declared.
It is mandatory to have a discord account, DM your submissions to Stevn#2356 or you can pm them to me here on forums and then join https://discord.gg/y7gTNZH. It was supposed to be on the official server but I had some issues (not with panic station who let me join immediately, just from my side)
Not much else to add, on to the categories we go!

1) You’re getting Rickrolled… And you’ll LIKE IT
Songs which have become comic caricatures of their original selves be it due to interpretation of imagery or lyrics by the public. Every song can be turned into a meme but I'm looking for the breakout viral ones. Going mainstream is the wave for this category.
Examples: Never Gonna Give You Up- Rick Astley, Smash Mouth - All Star

2) :o
Wait.. Why does this sound so upbeat..? Someone singing a song about some really sad moments in an upbeat presentation or vice versa? You're playing the right track. I'm looking for songs whose lyrics and delivery of vocals seem to be at complete odds with the accompanying instruments but still somehow work together. Covers won't be counted.
Examples: Runaround Sue- Dion, Mack The Knife- Bobby Darin

3) Shooting the Wind
Songs about.... Nothing! Songs which have no clear interpretation or songs about a simple day in life.
Examples: Piano Man - Billy Joel, Do It Again - Steely Dan

4) The Daughter of Time
They say Truth is the daughter of father time. As unchanging as time, looking for songs which tell of a tale already written, set in stone with some significance to human history.
Examples:Ohio-Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Zombie - The Cranberries

5) Catharsis
Making music or listening to it is a means of catharsis for many. I'm looking for songs which feature those parts of our life and aid to release strong or repressed emotions, positive and negative, due to circumstances around us.
Examples: Amy Winehouse - Back To Black, Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit

6) [Redacted]
What’s this category about? Well that’s for you to find out! For this submission you’ll need to submit a small description of what the category is along with your song.
Examples: Beautiful Ones - Suede, Born This Way - Lady Gaga

7) Dance (with decorum!)
Planning to head down to the club to go wild and dance to some beats?? Have fun! Just don't submit the kind of songs you'd find playing there. I'm looking for songs to which people can groove with ease and grace, with class and etiquette.
Examples: That's The Way Of The World - Earth, Wind & Fire, Save The Last Dance For Me - The Drifters

8) I've fallen for you... And I can't get up:
Keep those towels by the bed stand handy. I'm looking for passionate songs celebrating love and harmony and all the warm and fuzzy feelings that come with it.
Examples: Beast Of Burden - The Rolling Stones, Because the Night- Patty Smith Group

9) Legendary
Rarely do musicians ever break out of the trends that influence them. Rarely does someone make something that is so detached from their presumed influences that it seems like it's not derivative of anything at all for its time. Often Imitated, never duplicated, their then unique sound in defiance of the normal is remembered, revered and immortalized today. The trendsetters, the trailblazers, the ensuing legends... put them all here.
Examples: Kashmir - Led Zeppelin, Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

S) Special Connections (Instrumental Only):
I'm looking to replicate an experience I had with this one and never found anything similar ever again. For me, this song is the official soundtrack of Humanity: tragic yet hopeful. I would like to replicate those two emotions in that exact order on a grand scale.The example song lasts barely three minutes, never really goes anywhere, has an extremely basic key structure and yet is extremely profound. This category is special so make sure you read the rules!
Example: Brian Eno - The Big Ship.

Stuff you should read

I)Scoring Process
Category Fit: +6. I like it: +3. Haven't heard it before: +1. Has Auto Tuned vocals: -10. I’ll be removing your names from my submissions sheet so I expect you to remember your songs for reveals.

II) Category insights
I have no genre or language preferences so feel free to submit anything you like but use the example songs for extra info about the categories since the descriptions are quite sparse.

Everyone will have a chance to change any one of their songs from :o and onwards until three days from the date of reveals. Anyone who gets a 9 or above in any category will have an additional chance (once only regardless of how many 9+ scores you get).

IV) Another Rule:
You may not submit works of artists seen in the sample songs for that category, i.e. don't submit Queen or Led Zeppelin tracks for Legendary but you may submit their works for other categories. Also, you may not submit the same artist's works more than once, be it as their own song, or a feature (performing) on another track.

V) The Curse Of The Doppelganger
They say that if you meet your doppelganger you disappear... In a similar vein, Everyone who submits the exact same song gets scored a zero for that category.

VI) Anecdotes (Optional)
Music is all about the experiences and memories that make it special. If you want to talk about a memory your submission is tied to or want to explain what the song means to you please feel free to do so. Music is personal and if you share your story with me I'd love to read it.

VII) Special Category
This will be scored a flat 0 or 1 which will be added after scores have been averaged for all categories. Songs from this category will only be revealed if it gets a 1 and will not have a dedicated reveal but will be added to the Legendary category reveals for that participant. Everyone who scores a 1 and gets above 9 at the end will win Discord Nitro to boost their favorite server and spam emotes for a month.

Finally, the winner gets a $50 Amazon Gift Card. I hope everyone has fun!

Signups last two weeks, which is also the deadline to submit your songs. Reveals begin October first week. All reveals will be on weekends 9PM.

Litt Eleven
Andy Snype
Da Letter El
Texas Cloverleaf
Chapter Seven
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