Any Brawl Stars fans here?

Hey there, this is my first thread on Smogon, and I'm just wondering if there's any Brawl Stars fans here? Especially those who are part of the Reddit Brawl Stars communities!

My Reddit Tag is u/Obsidian297 and I make Brawl Stars guides

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Brawl Stars and Pokemon are my favorite games lol. I’ve played BS a few days after global (so sadly no star shelly) and Pokemon when Black 2 released.
Its hard to stop playing a game when you get far, especially Brawl stars (put a lot of blood, sweat, tears into that game).
Recenty lol Sandy and about to buy season 4 pass bro, im really excited hahahah. The BS dev team’s one of the best dev teams ive ever encountered. They put even more blood, sweat, and tears into the game. They always have fun updates :)


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Hey! I play Brawl Stars as well, its probably my favorite videogame. Im currently sitting at 15800 trophies since my internet connection reeeeally sucks and im busy with school stuff. My account is #P89VC2G8 if you want to add me!


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sprout is pretty solid in this meta but i can never really use his super to its full potential

amber is super good rn which is cool because shes fun to play, colonel ruffs i think is one of the best brawlers in bounty and all around rn, and bibi is good as always. i also really like the changes theyve made to jessie to make her more viable again

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