Any names I would recognize (from 2010-2011ish) still hanging around?

Man, I wasn't expecting to see five I knew! I was thinking one or two at most.

hello ramblin wreck and welcome to smogon. have u ever heard of a chat called mf studios ?
No but I have heard of an IRC channel named something similar...

the avy checks out, very familiar
I'm glad to hear it's memorable, I loved this avatar so much. (Also, how weird is it that my "RW's avatar > James Cameron's Avatar" location is relevant again?)
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oh yeah i'm here maybe i should post ever

hi, glad this place still exists and didn't implode or something, and i'm glad they made a pokemon game that's fun and awesome and makes me enjoy the series again. way more people i recognize than i expected too tbh
I really only pop in to shitpost, but I hang around too.
Both users pass the OG test, including Layell for passing the avy looks familiar test

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