Project Anything Goes CLC (Season 2)

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Welcome to the Anything Goes Core Ladder Challenge! The Core Laddering Challenge obviously involves laddering...with a core! Seeing as this is the Anything Goes Core Laddering challenge, we will be laddering on the AG ladder on Pokemon Showdown!. It is a competition encompassing multiple elements of competitive play: teambuilding, adapting, and battling! You will receive a core every week, but you will have a little over a week to ladder with the core in order to achieve a Hall of Fame rank. After you've gotten the core, it's time to teambuild! The only restriction is that you'll have to use the Pokemon in the core; you may decide the move-sets, EVs and items yourself, as well as the partners. If a Pokemon capable of mega-evolving is provided, and it is not stated that you must use the mega-evolution, then it is your choice as to whether or not it gets a mega-stone.

Overview of Challenge Rules
by Sly Mav/Rum & Coke

  • To register, reply to the challenge you are participating in with the following information: Your Username, and your Laddering Alt (which must have the required tag)
  • To apply for a Hall of Fame level, state your Username, your Laddering Alt, the HoF Level you are applying for, and proof (i.e. Replays, Screenshots, ect)
  • While you are laddering on your CC alt, you are only allowed to use a CC team, which corresponds with the CC tag of your alt. If you are found to have broken this rule on purpose, you will be disqualified for that cycle. You must use the correct CC tag (AGCCN) as specifed, if you wish to be eligible for the Hall of Fame (HoF). Failure to do so, will render your challenge invalid.
  • Asking your opponent for a free win or asking your opponent to forfeit is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Anyone caught doing this will be disqualified from competing in the Core Challenges.
  • It is strictly prohibited to share an account with another user, so that they may ladder for you. If caught you will be disqualified from competing in the Core Challenges.
  • Your CC team must contain the 2-3 members of the core at all times. You are free to change the other 3-4 members of your team as you wish, however.
Beginner's Guide to the Core Ladder Challenge
by Sly Mav/Rum & Coke

  • Step 1: Choose a core that you wish to compete with, observing what the CC tag for that core is. CC tags have a format of "AGSCCN" [CC=Core Challenge; S=Season; N=The Cycle/Round of the type]. So for example, "AG1CC2" is the 2nd cycle of the first season.
  • Step 2: Create an alternate account ("alt" for short) using the CC tag. For example: "AG1CC2 Catalystic"
  • Step 3: Reply to the challenge in which you want to participate in, and provide your Username, and the Laddering Alt you will be using. Your PS Username is your regular account and the CC alt is the alternate account you just created.
  • Step 4: Build an Anything Goes team, which includes the 2-3 pokemon listed in the Core you're doing. Please note carefully whether the Pokemon in the core are capable of Mega Evolution and whether or not they must hold their Mega Stone, as specified.
  • Step 5: When you are sure that your team is ready, log into your CC alt and begin battling on the AG adder.
  • Step 6: When you reach a milestone ELO, for example 1550/1600 ELO for the "Silver" rank, save the replay and edit your signup post with the replay for proof.
  • Step 7: If you reach the "Platinum" rank of 1750/1800 ELO, save the replay of each new ELO peak that you achieve which is greater than the listed HoF level. Before the challenge ends, edit in the replay as highest overall peak. The top finisher of each Core is the person with the highest ELO peak overall, in a submitted replay.

Do not cheat in this challenge! It is a global PS! offense to boost your ladder ranking. Within the confines of this challenge, this includes asking opponents to forfeit so you don't lose ELO.
People caught boosting their ELO in any way will be disqualified. No exceptions, you've been warned.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start laddering?

As soon as you post in the challenge thread here on Smogon, you can start laddering.

Do I need to save/submit all my replays?
NO! Please submit replays that show you reaching a Hall of Fame level, or ones that provide proof of a laddering peak (screenshots are also fine). If you forget to save the replay when you first pass a Hall of Fame level, then just save another replay proving you were above the Hall of Fame level.

Do I have to keep the same team for all the ladder matches?
Nope, feel free to change the team around the Pokemon in the core as often as you like. However, if you are caught on the ladder without the core on a tagged alt you will be disqualified.

I think these cores are stupid. When will there be better ones?
New cores will be up every week. They will vary across each week. If you have a suggestion for a core, pm it to me accompanied by a brief description of why those Pokemon support one another and we will consider it for future challenges.

For any questions or concerns regarding the challenge, please contact myself (Catalystic) via Private Message (PM) on Smogon forums or in the Anything Goes Room on Pokemon Showdown.
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Season 1 - Won by Sitonai and ice-master-523
Season 1 will consist of 5 cycles, each lasting 2 weeks. Point distributions for each cycle are as follows:
  • Bronze: 1 point
  • Silver: 2 points
  • Gold: 3 points
  • Platinum: 5 points
In addition, the winner for each cycle will receive an additional 3 points!

Season 2
Season 2 will also consist of 5 cycles, each lasting 2 weeks. Point distributions for each cycle are as follows:
  • Bronze: 1 point
  • Silver: 2 points
  • Gold: 3 points
  • Platinum: 5 points
Once again, the winner for each cycle will receive an additional 3 points!
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Season 1, Cycle 1

Gengar-Mega + Zygarde-C
Tag: AG1CC1
Platinum: 1800+
Gold: 1700+
Silver: 1600+
Bronze: 1400+

Deadline: 6/30 @ 11:59 GMT
Welcome to the very first week of the first season of the AG CLC! This week features Gengar-Mega and Zygarde-Complete, which pair well since Gengar-Mega can eliminate many threats that threaten Zygarde-C such as Arceus-Fairy and Mixed Rayquaza-Mega. Good luck with the challenge!

Please remember to register before you start laddering!

Challenge Registration:
Laddering Alt(s): AG1CC1 Catalystic
HoF Replays/Peaks: <Edit in replays showing ratings here when achieved>
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ag1cc1 pichus
used this to hit 1400s and then I realised that its pretty bad, but its super cool:
edited version of the above ^:
after i hit 1670ish i used this :
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Banned deucer.
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Laddering Alt: AG1CC1 Unicorn
HoF Replays/Peaks:
i hope edgar doesnt sign

Alright, gold is the best I could do with this. For proof, check any of the replays down below. I wanted to make Zygarde-Gengar, a primarily balanced-core, into HO as a personal challenge. Issues are (1) Zygarde is really weak and (2) DD MRay essentially does both of their jobs better and simultaneously. Proliferation of Taunt (three users!) helps versus fat-matchups and Magic Coat helps versus opposing HO/Webs. This team sucked! Here's some replays:

Versus Smeargle garb featuring good players
Versus opposing HO
Versus Fluffie-brand Bulky Offense
Versus 1860's
Versus 1948
Versus 1938 (featuring PsySpam)
Bonus Ubers replay with the team versus stall aka why you don't fuck with Xern
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