AG Anything Goes Fall Seasonal (Round 4)

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Welcome to the Anything Goes Fall Seasonal! This seasonal will be part of the 2019 OM Tournament Circuit. Entering in this seasonal will earn you the points for an overall OM leaderboard, which contributes to achieving the prestigious OM Ribbon!

Tournament Rules:
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • The banlist for this tournament is the same as the Anything Goes ladder of the Smogon University server of Pokemon Showdown, and can be found here.
  • Best of three, double elimination.
  • If metagame changes occur during the middle of a round, they will take effect in the subsequent round.
  • Battles must take place on Pokemon Showdown!.
  • US/UM cartridge win conditions are in place; there are no ties.
  • Replays are recommended to prevent disputes.
Round 4

Winners Bracket

byronthewellwell vs Fardin
ADF Test vs Chessking345 (extend)
HunterStorm vs Funbot28
MDB vs Shivam3299 (extend)
TectonicDestroyer vs ag is ass
Hamhamhamham vs pazza
Zayele vs xapx
Zenithial vs Skarph
cromagnet42 vs The Thunderbirds
Velvet Blood vs GRNBLN (extend)
Pigeons vs WSun1
Gorfield vs Megazard

Losers Bracket

vs Haki
Bye vs lotiasite
Quantum Tesseract
vs Unicorns
Dj Breloominati♬ vs Terracotta
Slave Of Passion vs SolarflareRo
LaBalladeDesCieux vs Catalystic (extend)
neomon vs Rhmsitb
BaconEatinAssassin vs pichus
Winkata vs Deep Sea Sapphire
Electronno vs bigtalk (act)
pqs vs Revulsion (flip)
Sets vs ice-master-523

Highlight Games

pichus vs BaconEatinAssassin
velvet blood vs GRNBLN
Sets vs ice-master-523

Deadline is Sunday 20th October 11:59 PM EST
Extension Deadline is Wednesday 16th October 11:59 PM EST
Have Fun!
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Still sick, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to make some predicts (and make them known whether y'all want to read them or not) :)

byronthewellwell vs Fardin: I think Fardin could make a deep run in this SSNL.
ADF Test vs Chessking345: Should be a fun few games. I'm picking Chessking to win the BH SSNL, but I think ADF will win this match.
HunterStorm vs Funbot28: Hoping Hunter makes a deep run in this SSNL, but I'm sure my fellow Old Shark auth, Funbot, will play well. :)
MDB vs Shivam3299: This one I think could realistically go either way as both players are very decent, but I'm predicting MDB wins this round. TectonicDestroyer vs ag is ass: Let's go, dude. :) You've got this.
Hamhamhamham vs pazza: I haven't really seen pazza play AG tbh (very good BH player, though).
Zayele vs xapx: Zayele has been playing well recently, and I think she's got this round.
Zenithial vs Skarph: Well, here we go again. haha I still love watching this matchup. Picking Skarph, but per usual, this can go either way.
cromagnet42 vs The Thunderbirds: Let's go, cro. :) (Not really familiar with the other player anyway)
Velvet Blood vs GRNBLN: Yesss, this should be awesome. Highlight match for sure. Hoping this will go three and feature high-quality games. I think Velvet narrowly wins.
Pigeons vs WSun1: Poor Spicy :( Still should be a pretty good series, though! I think the Bird will emerge victorious.
Gorfield vs Megazard: Not sure who the other player is (sorry :P ), but MZ has been playing very well.

AnythingGoesLegend vs Haki: Let's see if the rest from the bye helps AGL out. ;)
Bye vs lotiasite
Quantum Tesseract vs (winner of Unicorns vs mc56556): HAHAHA. I just want to say that if I somehow manage to beat Unicorn (not sure if that's going to happen) and then beat QT during the same week, I'm getting drunk I'm treating myself. That being said, if Unicorn wins, I'm glad she'll get the chance at revenge against QT. :) (Nothing personal, QT haha)
Dj Breloominati♬ vs Terracotta: Underrated series in my opinion. This one should be super interesting. I think Terra may win based on more recent success in AG, but I think it could go either way.
Slave Of Passion vs SolarflareRo: I'm not really that familiar with these players. :( So I won't pick here.
LaBalladeDesCieux vs Catalystic: Excited to see these games. :) Both great players, but I think Cata's experience will help him to victory. neomon vs Rhmsitb: Tight one! Rhmsitb seems like he has been playing well, so I'll pick him. But neomon is good too.
BaconEatinAssassin vs pichus: Yesss, another highlight match. Bacon and pichus are both *excellent* players, so this one will be tight. Picking Arushii for this round.
Winkata vs Deep Sea Sapphire: I'm not super familiar with these players either, so I'll not pick again.
Electronno vs bigtalk: bigtalk has been playing pretty well recently.
pqs vs Revulsion: Okay, these players I really don't know. haha Sorry.
Sets vs ice-master-523: Lots of good matches this round, as I expected. I think ice narrowly wins this in three.

Have fun and good luck, everyone! :)
Zenithial VS Skarph - This shit needs to stop. Zenithial wins this time bc I think I predicted Skarph last time. But really. Stop this.
pichus vs BaconEatinAssassin - pichus goat
velvet blood vs GRNBLN - Honestly, this could go either way but I did a biased coin flip.
Sets vs ice-master-523 - I’ve seen Sets bring some of the most innovative stuff in the present meta, and while this is a tough match, I’m backing the presumed underdog.

Some other predicts -

byronthewellwell vs Fardin - Fardin being back in the meta is always a good thing as it produces some hot games. byron is good but I don’t see Fardin losing this soon.

DJ vs Terracotta - Terra is getting more and more accustomed to AG and that’s a great thing for the meta.

MDB vs Shivam - Potential upset here imo


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I'm bored, doing predicts, nobody told me it was time for ag ssnls :(

Winners Bracket

byronthewellwell vs Fardin - Big bad fardin should go deep into ssnls. Fardin is a fan of my predicts so he's my early predict to win the whole thing, I've heard good things about byronthewishingwell but better luck next time fucker.
ADF Test vs Chessking345 - Chess is a far more intellectual game than mons tho and if this guy rlly is a king at chess, he might be vs fardin in the finals tbqh.
HunterStorm vs Funbot28 - HunterStorm is p cool but he had this horrible pun in agpl that involved Aerial Ace. Go find it yourself but it really upset me, funbot's one of my closest homies tho. It's way not in her favor but she'll win anyways b/c of the aerial ace pun and b/c i want her to :3
MDB vs Shivam3299 - Shivam is only a few letters off of "Shazam", while saying shazam out loud makes me think of KAZAAM. Shivam will win this game for making me think of Shaq. (google kazaam if this sentence looks retarded to you).
TectonicDestroyer vs ag is ass - Tectonic is the son I'm not rlly sure if I want but I have, while ag is ass's name makes an accurate social statement on the anything goes metagame so I'm not sure which way to go here. Both will lose ig.
Hamhamhamham vs pazza - idk much about either user but after being not allowed to manage in agpl, ham deserves to win this just as a FUCK YOU to the bitchass YVELTAL YEET SQUAD. FUCK xavgb !!!!!
Zayele vs xapx - speaking of stresh, xapx is like discount stresh with this name, therefore he will win.
Zenithial vs Skarph - Really? I'm so fuckin tired of this matchup bro. This is like one of the most hype matchups ever and I just don't fuckin care AT ALL because I just saw this like a month straight just a few weeks ago.. cmon. Both users will win and pichus will lose for making this pairing.
cromagnet42 vs The Thunderbirds - Still confused as to why cromagnet signed up for agpl and decided he wanted to sit on the bench infinitely, regardless idk who thunderbirds is but he's an animal off of "Thundercat" which makes me wanna root for him. Cromagnet is my friend tho so my elitist side will bold cro.
Velvet Blood vs GRNBLN - GURN BLURN vs velvet blood is p exciting and I think GREEN BLEEN has a slight edge with his recent performances. Velvet spams some p cute emojis that I enjoy tho so this is tuff. I'm just not gonna bold anything, too stressful of a decision to make.
Pigeons vs WSun1 - Pigeons will 6-0 both games.
Gorfield vs Megazard - This is for all the times you told me my teams sucked in agpl Megazard !!!! GO GORFIELD

Losers Bracket

AnythingGoesLegend vs Haki - Haki isnt an AnythingGoesLegend like AnythingGoesLegend is so this should be p one sided.
Bye vs lotiasite - Classic lotiasite stealing my ompl slot and getting byes in ag ssnls r4. I wish I was lotiasite but instead im bumass vivalospride :(.
Quantum Tesseract vs (winner of Unicorns vs mc56556) - QT will slap either opponent but mc is one of the kindest individuals I've ever seen on this site so I might have to give him the nod, Unicorns is nice too tho.
Dj Breloominati♬ vs Terracotta - Terracotta is one of a kind and breloominati is a very kind and cool individual. I don't rlly wanna vote either way on this.
Slave Of Passion vs SolarflareRo - Idk, depends how good passion's slave is at mons
LaBalladeDesCieux vs Catalystic - I still hate tryna read that fuckin name on the left, I'm already illiterate and ur just making this difficult for me!!! Cata will reign supreme
neomon vs Rhmsitb - neomon will win but i have no doubt that this wont be an entertaining series at all
BaconEatinAssassin vs pichus - wowowowow i love both users a lot!!! will have to give pichus the nod tho b/c she helped me out during agpl several times and I haven't talked to baconboy ina bit :jynx:
Winkata vs Deep Sea Sapphire - Deep Sea Sapphire is too tryhard of a name to win anything, become part of the 3 letter name club and make it DSS, then you'll get drafted in officials in no time with a power boost like that. For now Winkata will be the victor tho
Electronno vs bigtalk - bigtalk is still one of my fav names and he was in agpl. I'm too tired and lazy to think of anything else to say
pqs vs Revulsion - pqs wins off the 3 letter name clause
Sets vs ice-master-523 - I think ice master is better. I love Jimmy Neutron tho

Fardin let me finish you fuckin asshole Oliver Tree lookin ass BITCH

I love you all
'Twas the night before ssnl when all through the forum
Not a Regi was stirring, not even a magneton;
The matchups were hung by the thread with care,
In hopes that Zen vs Skarph soon would be there;
The randoms were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of bullshit smeargle danced in their heads;
And Pichus in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap,
Had just settled our brains for a long winter's nap,
When out on round four there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the thread I flew like a flash,
Tore open the predictions and threw up the sash.
The blue on the name of the new-fallen matchup,
When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
But Zen vs Skarph and three tiny highlight matches,

But I heard Pichus exclaim, ere she drove out of sight—
“I rig tours better than Chloe ever did!”
HunterStorm vs Funbot28 - Always cool to see Hunter play tho I have seen Funbot in many tours and assume they will atleast put up a fight.
MDB vs Shivam3299 - Would like to see Shivam win this but my head tells me MDB has the edge gotta see how it goes Ig :)
Zenithial vs Skarph - WTF THE (Shedinja) STALLS vs some hot Garbodor. We all have seen it but this time Zen wins!
Quantum Tesseract vs (winner of Unicorns vs mc56556) - Unicorns to win vs MC probably but QT vs Unicorns is gonna be tight.
LaBalladeDesCieux vs Catalystic - As we all have seen Zen vs Skarph multiple times this is actually the (2nd?) biggest highlight game this round. Go Badalystic but could go either way. Hope this gonna be a 3 games series.
pichus vs BaconEatinAssassin - THE HL game Ig, I expect very cool teams from both of them and close games. Pichus cause I usually predict in her favour.
Sets vs ice-master-523 - Ice is a good offensive typing but has a few weaknesses that could be exploited with the right sets.
Contacted VB on Monday, got response asking to play yesterday or today, tried sheduling for today >no response despite forum activity. I am already in the progress of resheduling so all good for now but in light of past events I wanted this to be out here!

Have a nice day and good luck battling!











3:20 pm;15:20 pm now as I type this.

you scheduled for a time before and no later than 6/7 pm. It is before that time you asked for and as you can see I have people from tp server with the same timezone so you can’t really fool me if you try to fish for act when Your deadline for playing isn’t even on the dot yet.
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3:20 pm;15:20 pm now as I type this.

you scheduled for a time before and no later than 6/7 pm. It is before that time you asked for and as you can see I have people from tp server with the same timezone so you can’t really fool me if you try to fish for act when Your deadline for playing isn’t even on the dot yet.
"I am already in the progress of resheduling so all good". Yeah obv fishing for activity...
Normally when ppl shedule and we had incidents like that before they actually reply and confirm the time cause otherwise neither of us has to show because WE DIDNT AGREE on the time or anything. If you dont agree on the time I am not gonna wait for you to show up randomly at some point during the day. Also nice of you and your friends assuming what my day looks like and saying I dont wanna play.
I merely posted here since I didnt expect playing you today and didnt want you fishing for activity when I dont show up to a time YOU never confirmed and history seemed to repeat itself which... Hey it does lol. Also nice of you trying to make me look bad when again it is your fault.
From here on out Id like to continue this on your wall because mud slinging doesnt belong here. Why not actually try to shedule like real ppl would?
"Lets try and make this work not worse."

Seems like we are going to need an extension cause VB cant play until sunday.
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3:20 pm;15:20 pm now as I type this.

you scheduled for a time before and no later than 6/7 pm. It is before that time you asked for and as you can see I have people from tp server with the same timezone so you can’t really fool me if you try to fish for act when Your deadline for playing isn’t even on the dot yet.
ill give extension but please actually make efforts to schedule this time lol.
you gotta understand that when your opponent says that he can play 'before 6/7 pm on thursday', it does not mean that hes going to be available for the entire day till 6/7pm. you have to reply and specify a time. your opponent is not going to assume whether you will be available at the times suggested by him or not. idk if you even read his post tho. he never tried to 'fish for act' lol. im assuming that GRNBLN posted that bc you messed up the scheduling in your OMPL series and then blamed it on him.
seriously though, most of you guys have been horrible at scheduling and we're only at round 4. it takes like 5 minutes to schedule on a time, please dont mess this up -_-

(incoming "biased host" comments bc im defending a mod. had to make this post because the roomauth is automatically declared 'wrong' lol.)
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