Anything Goes in this Mafia - The Damned Win!

Backstory will go here when I'm less tired so I'll just put the basic info you need here for now!

The village are called the Dizzy
There is a mafia called the Desperate
The other mafia is called the Damned

This is entirely open theme, the characters really do not relate to the names of the factions at all so don't use that as basis for a lynch!

Also the roles are 100% randomised.

Sample PM:

Slim Guldo said:
You are Robert Green.

You are supposedly England's Number One Goalkeeper, but pretty much everyone who knows anything about the 2010 World Cup knows otherwise. As you obviously know, you fumbled an easy shot from Clint Dempsey, which could not be forgiven by many people even when there was a lot of media coverage over you being distracted by vuvuzelas. You will be using your ability to fumble very important things to help your allies in the Dizzy in this battle.

At Night, you may send a PM to Slim Guldo entitled "Night X - Fumbling USER's Role PM". You will be given USER's Role PM, as you can probably tell, and you will predictably drop it, effectively giving it to every user in the game.

You win if a member of the Dizzy is the last user standing or if nothing can prevent the same.
Anyway, rules!

1. The game will cycle between Night and Day, beginning with Night 0. Killing will not work on Night 0.

2. Days and nights will last 48 hours each, or until majority/all actions are in.

3. Role PM's may not be traded on Night 0.

4. If you don't want to use your Night Role, please send a PM to me with the title 'Night x - Idling' anyway. This at least shows you're paying attention to the game.

5. Lynch votes must be bolded. No Lynch is an acceptable vote. Please make sure that you unbold obsolete votes. In the event of a tie, neither user will be lynched.

6. There are no items in this game. Please don't try and claim thief!

7. Do not screenshot anything related to the game.

8. Do not talk about the game with or in front of living players while you are dead, unless allowed to by the host. You may still plan with your teammates, but only for the sake of planning strategies.

9. Do not impersonate other players or me. You may fake logs, including logs with me.

10. If you have any questions about your role or the game please don't hesitate to contact me. If I'm on IRC I'll be on #fluodome and #warau.

11. IRC is not required, but is greatly useful.

12. The game ends when any win condition is fulfilled. All win conditions involve destroying every other faction.

13. There are 22 players in this game.

14. Give me access to all spreadsheets/google docs you create and send me the URL of any pastebin you create. Also, give me access to any channels you create.

15. I can proofread fake role PMs if you feel that it's necessary.

16. Priorities are set and kept secret.

Night 0 starts when I have finished sending out the PM's. Don't discuss them until I'm done
Player List
chaos_sorc/Blue_Tornado - ???
General Spoon

The Departed
Upside - lynched Day 1 - Stephen Abootman - hooker - the Dizzy
imperfectluck - Killed Night 1 - Vanilla Ice - 1/2 Vigilante pair - the Dizzy
Hitmonchan - lynched Day 2 - John and Edward Grimes - 1/2 Vigilante pair - the Dizzy
Acklow - killed Night 2 - George Orwell - Tracker - the Dizzy
the interwebs - lynched Day 3 - Thom Yorke - Inspector - the Desperate
J-Man/Rayquaza2233 - killed Night 3 - Stephen Wiltshire - Numbers man - the Dizzy
Objection - killed Night 3 - The kid who trolled ChatRoulette - Silencer - the Desperate
Heist - lynched Day 4 - Jeremy Clarkson - Redirector - the Desperate
StevenSnype - killed Night 5 - Aerosmith - Bodyguard - the Dizzy
godudette - killed Night 5 - Matt Bellamy - Martyr - the Dizzy
Aquamarius - lynched Day 6 - Nick Clegg - Safeguard - the Desperate
Oh sweet, I managed to get in.

Good luck everyone, I hope this game ends up being better than the last beginner mafia.

If anyone wants to talk about that game, I'm on IRC in #kindred as "Upside".


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
If nobody decides to be Village Leader, I will step up if need be. If an inspector decides to, he can, but doesn't have to clean me. If he doesn't then I won't step up, but if he wants to, I'd wouldn't mind him cleaning me. I'm not saying I want to, but I will step up if it comes down to nobody else trying themselves.

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