AG Anything Goes Ladder Tournament III - Week 4

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This tournament is a part of the 2020 AG Circuit!
Welcome to the third Anything Goes Ladder Tournament- Natdex Edition! The rules are pretty simple. Every week you try to ladder as high as you can on a new account, and the top 8 placers each week make it into playoffs. There's 4 weeks and 8 qualifiers per week, leading to a 32-man, best of 3, seeded single elimination playoffs bracket at the end. The only different thing we're trying out this iteration is the seeding- the primary seeding factor will be highest ELO achieved. If I qualify week 1 with an ELO of 1850 but then Pigeons qualifies week 2 with an ELO of 1900, Pigeons is still seeded higher (although if there are ties we'll default to week qualified, followed by placement on the ladder). That being said, once you qualify for playoffs you can't ladder again in a later week just to go for a better ELO. If you achieve playoffs once, that's it.

1. This will take place on the regular "National Dex AG" ladder on the main Pokemon Showdown server.

2. The qualification period for the AGLT will run for a total of 4 cycles with roughly 7 days per cycles. After each 7 day cycle, the top 8 accounts that appear on the leaderboard (using ELO) will qualify for the playoffs of the AGLT.

3. Your account must contain a specific tag as a prefix to mark it as an AGLT tag. The prefixes will be random as an extra step to prevent people from guessing what next week's will be and laddering early.

4. In order to sign up, follow the Sign-Up format below and register your account on PS!

Forum name:
Cycle 1 Alt:
Did you read this whole post?:
Forum name: Megazard
Cycle 1 Alt: AGLTDLC Come Home
Did you read this whole post?: Yes!
The week 1 alt tag will be AGLT DLC (with or without a space, doesn't matter)

You must sign-up here before using your account to ladder. Alts must be registered on the day of the sign-up post or afterwards to prevent players from registering an account beforehand and laddering with it to gain an unfair advantage. I will be checking registration dates for any qualifying accounts to ensure people don't try to abuse the system. Please only include one alt in your sign-up post for each cycle. You will not be allowed to edit your alt name after you include it in your initial sign-up for any given cycle. If something happens with said account that means you need a new account, delete your post and make a new one. It is advised that once you sign up here, you immediately register the account on PS afterwards so that no one steals the account listed. Also, alt names that break PS rules will not be allowed to qualify.

Given that this is a ladder tournament, tournament rules will be enforced. Any person found cheating will be subject to punishments.

Cycle 1 will conclude on 10PM EST Sunday March 8th. Daylight savings time changes on the 8th, so keep in mind that this is the equivalent of our current 9pm EST.

If you have any questions or queries, hit me up on Pokemon Showdown, Discord, or on my Smogon Profile. Good luck everyone!
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