AG Anything Goes Ladder Tournament IV - Week 2 [See Post #80 on Page 4]


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Congratulations to our first 8 qualifiers!

1. baconeatinassassin - 1931 elo
2. Ballfire - 1926 elo
3. Trade - 1922 elo
4. Fardin - 1921 elo
5. default0 - 1920 elo @ 92.8% GXE
6. Fc - 1920 elo @ 90.6% GXE
7. Swastik - 1911 elo
8. 80 yrs - 1867 elo

It was brought to my attention that WSun1 was laddering in call for an isolated two matches on his AGLT account. I cannot stress enough that ladder matches played under an AGLT prefix are treated as tour games, and therefore activities such as the aforementioned are strictly forbidden while laddering. This would normally merit a total disqualification from the tour at the very least; however WSun1 had apparently no actual intention to be ghosted, no ghosting occurred for what i know, and only two games were played in call. So, the punishment will be more lenient; he will be disqualified from the current cycle, but will still be able to ladder for the current one if he so chooses.

Cycle 2 has begun! The new prefix is AGOFZ4

Deadline: October 24th at 11:59 PM EDT

k91 is banned after an investigation, congratulations to 80 yrs who takes the 8th seed after the first cycle!
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