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AG Anything Goes Ladder Tournament - Playoffs (Won by Velvet Blood)

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GarbodorIsHot(70) vs Alfaz999(30) Alfaz is a competent player, but Skarph has already won one of these and is no question the favorite to win this.
p0lt3rg3ist(40) vs MDB(60) Poltergeist is a pretty solid player overall. MDB is a dark horse nobody wants to face and I expect him to advance.
Pigeons(60) vs Satanic Beast(40) I will be rooting for Edgar and if he preps well and uses his resources to the maximum, he has a shot.
Dockiva(60)~~ vs Shivam3299(40) Both are good players. Shivam made VB sweat last ssnl. Dockiva was arguably one of the hottest players in the last ssnl, losing to PG by a scarf ray speed tie in a classic. Advantage Dockiva.
Delibird Heart(40) vs nehtri(60) Delbird is solid, but I cannot see him beating Nehtri.
DontStealMyPenguin(70) vs Zakumi(30) Dsmp was a great player in gen 6 and sm and continues to carry that on into usm. His strats are aids, but he executes them so well.
Zenithial(60) vs lotiasite(40) Zen is top tier and one of the main threats to prevent Skarph from repeating. Lotiasite is a good player, but winning this will be a tall order.
Arushi(60) vs ice-master-523(40) I wouldn't be completely surprised if ice-master wins this, as he is a very good player and knows the meta well. Arushi is a goddess of AG and is much more versatile in terms of building and styles. Advantage Arushi.
Sitonai(70) vs Cinza(30) The only player out of the crop to win a grand slam( my term for ag open or ssnl) in usm. Now that VB has changed her mind regarding dropping out, expect him to play at his best and contend for the title.
zugubu royale(40) vs SwaggerDaggerKid(60) Don't sleep on SDK, he is another dark horse that could make a deep run and upset big names.
Tic-Tac-Toe Guru vs ADF Test Even when he deserves to win, the pokemon gods deny him of victory.
Velvet Blood(60) vs LaBalladeDesCieux(40) VB is definitely one of the most innovative team builders in this tour and could give anybody a run for their money. LaBalladeDesCieux played very well last ssnl and he has a legit shot.
Fardin vs Levanos A veteran of mons and one of the best to play this game. How deep will he go this tour?
GRNBLN(70) vs Heaven's Breaker(30) GRN is still in the ssnl and has been playing great. Look for him to contend this tour.
-RDKB(40)- vs FamousVGC(60) Despite what she has repeatedly said about being bad, I see VGC as a very competent player and I expect her to advance. Live by Toge, die by Toge.
PurpleGatorade vs AnythingGoesLegend I told him that he had a shot vs the legend PG and he proved me right. How far will his memes and psypsam take him this tour?
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It would be easier for people who enter in later cycles to get a higher elo as the ladder isn't as competitive, and unfair to those who qualified earlier.
I honestly disagree, as you can see from the results of the current ladder tour the people who qualified early had a higher elo, also I believe qualifying early shouldn't automatically be high seed but player who do qualify early will generally get higher seeds, plenty of amazing players qualified in later rounds so I believe it would be more fair to players if they were able to get a high seed even when qualifying in a later round than just giving the first 8 players to qualify the 8 highest seeds and so on

Also doesn't a more competitive ladder lead to higher elo?


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Seeding by ELO certainly won't happen since that's relative and has a large impact on the forum and incentives of the tour.
On our current seeding vs putting all of week 1 ahead of week 2, I can't find any meaningful difference nor has anyone here made an actual constructive point to where I'd know why they want it changed. As far as I can tell this shouldn't have some kind of massive impact on enjoyment or anything. Now if anyone would like to tell me why you don't like it instead of just "this is wrong", feel free to PM me or talk on discord, I will take the feedback seriously since I don't have a huge stake either way. I'd rather that discussion not take up the thread here though. Oh and if it helps, it took me about 3 minutes to make the bracket that would've happened under the different seeding. I look forward to learning why that bracket is somehow conclusively better than our current one.
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