Tournament Anything Goes Premier League - Finals [won by the Horrendous Houndooms]

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BO3: Megazard vs Catalystic: I think MZ is slightly better and he should win unless he just reuses the same teams he brought every week (come on man you've had a full extra week to prepare, show us some new stuff).

USUM: Jrdn vs Alpha Rabbit: Jrdn is really good and I think his last win was pretty impressive. Going with the player with more experience here.

USUM: lotiasite vs Alkione: Just gonna go with the ag main (well at least I think he is?) here even though this hasn't seemed to be the right call for most of this tour.

USUM: Quantum Tesseract vs GRNBLN: This one is super close, but I'm going to give the slight edge to GRNBLN (still not sure how to pronounce that?) because I think he comes up with more creative builds.

USUM: vivalospride vs skysolo14: Seems crazy to predict against the guy who is 5-0 right now but skysolo seems to have picked up the tier quite quickly and he's gotten some very nice wins. I have to have at least one upset in my predicts right?

ORAS: Chloe vs absdaddy: All beef aside, I think Chloe is just a much better player. She will be a lot better prepared than our player was.

Go vivs! Its clear that you guys were the best team in the tournament, and you deserve to win this.

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