Tournament Anything Goes Premier League - Semifinals

Thank you to every one of my teammates for competing for the Nidokings. I am massively dissatisfied with how things ended up but being upset about it and complaining does absolutely no good and only bad. Sorry team, can't win em all

I could write a post 100x more brutal than the other managers posts, but i'm not gonna. Instead, let me get this dumb shit off my chest and make this 10x more brutal

how the hell are we in finals
This dude's been throwing sand in my eyes too much today so I gotta speak up real quick. Disrespecting your team (even if it's jokingly
it's not
) means disrespecting mine and it's kinda pushing me over the edge with ur shit. I was massively salty after my series vs Cata and afterwards you intently try pouring gasoline on the fire by saying nidokings are easy and ag players need to learn how to act. Even though it was an awful series, I apologize for not saying good game to Cata. Even though I said nothing, leaving without saying gg wasn't the mature thing to do. Still, the way you've been disrespecting my team is something I wont be quiet about. I really don't know if you're too stupid to understand that what you're saying isn't cool, or are deliberately being an ass, but do not fucking disrespect my team you soggy excuse of a person.

I'm not giving individual s/o's but I really do appreciate the entire team for playing in agpl with me. I'm also sorry that I'm not mature enough to overlook something so petty, it's all on me. I hate my weakness but i'm too pissed off about everything

cya agpl
Just wanted to say a few words before I sign off for good (because of course I'm gonna follow my team through their playoff games). I sincerely apologize to the AG community at large for always complaining about everything, being a nuisance, and being an overall negative presence. If I could start over and reshape my image, I absolutely would (though if I were given that opportunity I'd just not play in the first place, but my point still holds). I'd also like to apologize to my team for an absolutely pitiful 0-4 performance; letting people down is something that hurts me more than most anything else, and I really feel like I did that in this PL. Regardless, I'd like to thank Skarph for drafting me and having faith that I could at least do something, even though I didn't. AGPL was a cool experience though; being perceived as being at least somewhat talented at something is relatively new to me. My teammates were the best I could've asked for, and getting to know people I didn't previously know like Terracotta was a great experience. Good luck to both teams in the Grand Finals, and good luck to all those competing in the upcoming Seasonal. As much as I bash this metagame and this community, it'll always have a special place in my heart, and letting go is something that's been really hard but is ultimately going to be for the best. Thank you all for your patience in dealing with me. There's a lot of talent here, and here's to many more AGPLs to come. I wish you all the best.
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