Tournament Anything Goes Snake Draft III - Player Signups [Auction January 21 @ 7 PM -5]

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Welcome to the third Anything Goes Snake Draft! There will be 6 teams and the tournament will have about 2 weeks of signups, 5 weeks of round robin and 2 weeks of playoffs (not counting any potential tiebreakers). That places the end of the tournament sometime in early March; players are expected to be active throughout the tournament until that point. By signing up, you are making a commitment to not only be active but also to be a positive presence. Regardless of your team's performance and playoff chances, you will play with sportsmanship and contribute to your team. Poor behavior in regards to this will be noticed and will affect future managers' view of your worth in the future. Discord activity is highly recommended. It is important not only for sign-ups but also for working with your team during the tournament itself.

The tournament format is as follows:
Multigen Bo3 (SV, SS, SM)
The number of players per team is 8 (6 slots + 2 subs).

The teams for this year's Snake will be:
:palafin: Sacred Palafins, managed by Trade
:polteageist: Smash-Passing Polteageists, managed by Fc and Nevelle
:yveltal: Yveltal Yeet Squad, managed by Bread Sandwich
:annihilape: Angry Annihilapes, managed by Frozoid
:weavile: Weeaboo Weaviles, managed by Leru and Hyogafodex
:spheal: TBD, managed by lotiasite and baconeatinassassin

Please use the following signup format:
Player Name:
Foreseen Inactivity:
Signups will last approximately 2 weeks.

Example Signup:

Player Name: Theia
Tiers: ORAS
Timezone: GMT -5
Foreseen Inactivity: A week at the start of February.
Do not post in this thread if you are not signing up.

Player signups will be closing 24 hours before the auction (approximately January 21st).


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Player Name: keys
Tiers: Bench (ORAS)
Timezone: -3
Foreseen Inactivity: I am only signing up because I made a deal with Seldanna, only get me if you’re okay with having me in a bench/oras support role. If you're looking for someone to start in ORAS please don't get me.
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