AG Anything Goes Winter Seasonal - Round 1

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are you bored yet?
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[08:54:45] %Arushii: if you wanna see the biggest choke in someones life then go click replays and search arushii and click the most recent replay
Arushii: i literally clicked wisp; Arushii: and canceled; Arushii: and then poison jabed; Arushii: omg im so bad; Arushii: because i was like wisp can miss; Arushii: but im getting poison wih poison jab
lost in 3 ggs, clean series regardless.
e: tip: dont play matches when you're not fully awake :p
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hi, can i get another sub?

my opp hasnt replied to my scheduling attempts over ps as well as his wall despite being online and posting. from my knowledge his time zone is much different than mine and we’d be far into r2 before we even played if he doesn’t make any attempt to schedule
calling activity on lugia proto. We agreed to play over the weekend but he never showed up, and according to scrappie he hasn't even been seen since the last bot reset.
My opponent has forfeited the match due to a missed agreed time set for us to battle. I can provide screens or you can ask my opponent himself.


It's Megaqwer's Time!
Lord-Kyogre seems to be in-active for a week and we haven't scheduled yet.I would love if i get an extension hoping he replies , lol
My opponent messaged me once and i replied asking for a time twice and the last time he responded was thursday informing me he was still alive but still didnt suggest a time. Havent heard from him since thursday. Activity?
one of these ssnls im not gonna get haxed af lol, s/o Megazard and zesty for the teams i ended up using and avocado for also passing me teams less than an hour before my match! Hopefully given I had never used them before, I didnt play them too badly, fwiw i 100% won game 1, and almost certainly won g2 without hax. Also gl in the tour grnbln.

probs will pull out cos im pretty tired of constantly losing like this tbh, ag ssnls is just extreme bad luck for me. Ill decide next week.

E- also, just realised i wasted my 200th post on a minirant about losing another series to hax- how apt :')
time to delete a post so i can actually make a memorable 200th post xP
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