AG Anything Goes Winter Seasonal - Round 2

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Calling act, opponent and I scheduled our match for noon his time today and hasn't responded to my messages and hasn't been online since 04:25 my time
Shorter post than last time, but activity calls.

Annnnnlites  vs  darnel
HugeNoobLmao  vs  EqualsMC
Zach Daniel  vs  SlightlyAngryKevin
Eden Wu
 vs  Superkillerpo1
A8 the Weirdo  vs  GalaxyZero360
 vs  Hindann
TheTruthIsMe  vs  Anshul the boss
TerraVolt_1  vs  piobleu#1
 vs  ady986
CiscoDisco  vs  Thebetterspedster
A player  vs  Indonesians Heatran
 vs  joakopro666
meloettaHD  vs  WillG30
errpinivs  zee
chechnya6  vs  jb291
samm_nnn  vs  Dadjafgajag01916
 vs  sapaditore
RLplayer  vs  Aqua Jet
isaacking43  vs  TL The Legend

Regarding BasedWhat? vs HillZZa both of you called act and never made progress toward a properly scheduled game, therefore it was flipped

BasedWhat? vs HillZZa

Coinflips logs (did on the AG Room)
The Darkinator vs Red2k01 flip is a mistake, I've missed Darkinators activity evidence at the time I did it.

Extensions :

crying  vs  Mr.378
cromagnet  vs  Rotten
NB402141 vs 80 yrs
Shadowenigma vs X-Blazer

Extension deadline is Wednesday, February 16th, 2022 23:59 PM CET (GMT+1)

Given the large number of decisions I've had to make, as well as limited time, contact me if you think there are any mistakes.

Round 3 will be up shortly.
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