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For your information, this game is being hosted by Brain and me. Any queries should be directed towards both of us.

So yeah, its finally time.

You finally know the name of the game! First up, congrats to the one person who was able to guess it out of many who tried. Kudos to you man.

Now, this game will also be an anonymous game but will have some differences in comparison to the first anonymous game.

Please note that the game will start around 2 weeks from now (at the maximum). It really depends on how fast SD's mafia goes.

You guys will also not be privy to the exact number of players playing for reasons that I will explain in the game thread itself (when we put it up).

Additionally, we will not be picking people to play based on order of sign-ups but we will do it based on who we think will make the game more interesting and fun. I'm sorry if you didn't get through but we're just going to try and make the best game possible.

People who asked me to put them in the pool of players before must confirm in this thread. Others can simply sign up here. A person in bold is someone who has confirmed their entry into the pool (do remember that you'll only be able to know if you're in when the thread comes up). Now, without any further delay, here's the current list of sign-ups:

Player Pool: (bold means confirmed their spot in the pool)
  1. #Az
  2. aamto
  3. akuchi
  4. Amelia
  5. Andenken
  6. Annhialator Zero
  7. Aubergine
  8. AvatarST
  9. billymillis
  10. Blue Kirby
  11. Captkirby
  12. Carl
  13. Chawla
  14. ControllerOfFlames
  15. cookie
  16. Da Letter El
  17. dak
  18. darkie
  19. DDAngelo
  20. Doomsday
  21. Earthworm
  22. Fishin
  23. Gahalad
  24. Gmax
  25. GreenPikachu
  26. GTS
  27. Hipmonlee
  28. Hobo Joe
  29. imperfectluck
  30. Itchni
  31. Jackal
  32. jenigmat429
  33. Junior
  34. Kira
  35. Kumar
  36. leafgreen386
  37. LightWolf
  38. LonelyNess
  39. magicalmaster2001
  40. Mastadi
  41. Max
  42. Mekkah
  43. moi
  44. moot
  45. Mr Escalator
  46. Mr378
  47. MS
  48. Myriad
  49. Obi
  50. Outlaw Gryphon
  51. Phantasia
  52. Pillowrath
  53. teh_pookar
  54. Queen_Ino
  55. Scrubs
  56. Serenity
  57. skiddle
  58. Shade
  59. shaky
  60. Shiney
  61. Shiny Crobat
  62. Sikh Assassin
  63. Sonuis
  64. Stoo
  65. StrangerDanger
  66. TheBM
  67. thunda
  68. Toothache
  69. unceunce
  70. Vampdude34
  71. Venom
  72. West
  73. WishJirachi
  74. Yoshi King
  75. Zakkusu
  76. zerowing

I'll repeat: Please note that all these players won't be in the mafia. We will decide that AFTER signups are closed.

Confirming, but unlike darkie, I do so on my way out the door to get a burrito instead of with a bowl of curry in one hand and dick in the other resulting in me having to type with my nose.
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