AQUANAfia - Game Over: ReVolted Win!


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Walrein, this is much bigger than either mafia or village. This is bigger than this game. I don't think you understand the situation this role pm brings.
Eh, penguin344 claimed that role to me when he had only said "i'm the village leader" once, so I'm a little doubtful of penguin344 faking that posting restriction as an excuse. I'm a little iffy on lynching him atm.
lol lynching on flavor again
i hardly see how trying to gather some information from someone who posted "if you want my claim just ask" is scumworthy. I just wanted his rolename to see if he was village/lock him into something for mafia had he not made a claim yet. He freaked out about how it could give context to his role (aquaman?).

here is the log:

17:39penguin344care to talk mafia?


17:40hdoomi might have to run for dinner sometime but yeah i have time for a bit

17:40penguin344as you can see, I am the announcer


17:40hdoomits apparent you are

17:41penguin344would you care to tell me what your role is?

17:41penguin344I can provide further proof of my being village if you care to know

17:41hdoomi would be very interested in further seeing your proof

17:42hdoomseeing as i am planning to be very cautious

17:42hdoomin giving away my role, given earlier events

17:42penguin344my role pm:

17:42penguin344Dear penguin344, You are UncleSam and Walrein’s Lovechild Much like a starfish can regrow itself from its lost limb, there any many other mysteries of life in the Aquanaut kingdom. Somewhere between being made completely of salt and the drive to be heard, you were likely conceived on a water bed. Every night, you may send “NX - Proclaim the news” to Yeti

17:42penguin344. Include in your message whatever announcement you would like to make in the update. <snip> You are allied with the Aquanauts. You win if the Castle Guard and ReVolted are eliminated.

17:42penguin344this is my role pm

17:42hdoomnow why would you just give me your role pm?

17:43hdoomim very curious as to why you would gamble like that

17:44penguin344I hardly see how it is a gamble

17:44penguin344you have my role

17:44penguin344you have my posting restriction

17:44hdoombut why would you give away your pm like that?

17:44penguin344and the template is in the op

17:44hdoomi was lead to believe those are quite valuable

17:44penguin344so that you can read it and see that it isn't a fake

17:44hdoomcouldnt you fake one?

17:45penguin344I could

17:45penguin344so could you

17:45hdoomyoull have to forgive me for my suspicions, but why would you give away a pm to me so quickly?

17:46hdoomgranted its not a very valuable role

17:46hdoombut regardless

17:46penguin344a: I have already given it to others, and I plan to post it in the thread soon

17:46penguin344b: to provide some proof that I am village

17:46hdoomi would be more inclined to give it to you once you post it in the thread and i see how people respond


17:47penguin344can you at least give me your role name?

17:47penguin344there isn't a real reason to keep that secret

17:48hdoomi can think of plenty of reasons

17:48penguin344it is meaningless outside of whether it is a aquanaut name or not

17:48penguin344please tell me your reasons

17:49hdoomif you are mafia, then it could give you some context of my role. honestly this isnt so much about me not trusting you, as it is i got burned badly for being too trusting earlier and because of that much more cautious.

17:50hdoomi have been told multiple times by multiple people to only give my role to people i am 100% certain of

17:50penguin344yeti's roles oft do not have anything to do with the content of the role

17:50penguin344for example, a volcano was a hooker

17:51penguin344I am not asking for your action

17:51penguin344just the name of your role

17:51hdoomthats true, but not knowing my role name for a couple of days will not be a big deal then, will it?

17:51hdoomafter all, walrein mentioned you could be mafia announcer, a legitmate possibility

17:51penguin344that is possible

17:52penguin344if you don't want to give it away, you do not have to

17:53penguin344it simply serves as an indicator of whether you are scum or not

17:53hdoomah, now i am panicking! i might be scum! ill tell you my role for sure!

17:54hdoomim sure that you understand why im a little cautious to reveal

17:54penguin344of course

the snip wasn't snipped in the original log.

but yeah lynching based on flavor and that I wanted to gather some info. that worked incredibly well last time.

village leader, signing off


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You know what? Fuck it. I can't risk a mislynch today and I need more information from night roles to accurately find mafia.

Unvote, no lynch.

Feel free to rush majority on this.


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wHAT A pussy. though a meager few of you bother to vote, it seems you all want to starve, and there shall be no lunch for any of you.

It is now Night Three. N3 will end in 48 hours, 2PM PST 8/30, or when I receive all actions. Enjoy getting through the night with no food.


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hello I am missing an unacceptable amount of night actions, they are due in under 14 hours. particularly I need mafia actions. also village. also wolf.


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You wake up to the familiarly-annoying voice booming out an announcement, but it is very brief this time:

Presumably you shall all be watching a film about the sea after this lynch. Speaking of, the scent of death is oddly absent this morning, and you all realize nobody has died at all.

What a pathetic two cycles.

It is now Day Four. D4 will end in 48 hours or at majority, 2PM PST 9/1. Results going out - all sent.
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Dear Paperblade,
You are The Assassin

Fast, stealthy, and silent, you are sent to deal with all threats to the Castle Guard. The fact you have never been stopped has gone to your head and now it’s larger than your mother’s thighs.

Every night, you may send “NX - Dash with much bravo in front of <user>” to Yeti. You will dart in front of that user, forcing them to target you that night with whatever their action was.


You have a Posting Restriction: in every post you make, you must discuss love, as you are a secret romantic.

You are allied with the Castle Guard. You win if the Aquanauts and ReVolted are eliminated.
lynch paperblade

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