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With the conclusion of the poll, the results were quite close. 8-7-8, including surprise third option. I have my small village game that I think will function best as a NOC established but I need to review my roles and consider the balance etc. I also know others want to host some standard games including another NOC so I won't cut in there.

Thus brings us to the multifaction. I don't have a standard multifaction in mind at the moment but perhaps I'll be struck by a stroke of brilliance sooner or later. However, as I have hinted...

My next game will be a BIG. It should resolve all the issues that have plagued multifaction games and balancing them as well as community frustration with various elements of multifaction. It is also a full recruiter mafia, so it's like big bigest but with a lot less problems and will have minimal host error, like I will actually say if a mercenary was recruited *whistles*, n/o to the hosts of big bigest. It is unrelated to BIGSANDS and its fellow ALLCAPS games entirely. There are also 0 roles involving a randomizer. It will also be finished well in advance. I have to revise my role list again and determine the aliases, and then write the PMs, but it will be a strong game. Unless the Mekkah/shade (?) game is ready when LN's ends I think this game will be the next after Vampire Mafia, if they're ready to host it'll be after. It is also approved twice over. Be prepared.

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