Announcement Arceus-Fire has now been quickbanned from Ubers UU!

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Arceus-Fire was one of the best late game cleaners in the tier. Swords Dance Extreme Speed has always been an extremely powerful set for any Arceus form, but Arceus-Fire took it a step further by annihilating normal-resisting Steel-types with STAB plate boosted Flare Blitz. +2 tera normal extreme speed is enough to one or two shot most offensive pokemon that outspeed Arceus-Fire, and Flare Blitz destroys almost every slower target. Arceus-Fire’s typing also makes it immune to Will-O-Wisp, making would-be answers to it such as Giratina only a temporary check. The only reliable answers to Arceus-Fire were Garganacl, Quagsire, and Dondozo, yet Quagsire and Dondozo are nearly stall locked, and Garganacl is generally a niche pokemon outside of its ability to wall Arceus-Fire and Chi-Yu. The other way of dealing with Arceus-Fire was by whittling it down over the course of a game, particularly with entry hazards. However, it’s not reliable as Arceus-Fire has Recover to remove any long term progress. Once Arceus-Fire pulls off a single swords dance, it was often able to immediately end the game on the spot. Even ground types like Landorus-Therian and Great Tusk struggled to answer it, as it could Tera Normal and Swords Dance on them, allowing it to OHKO them and possibly the rest of their team.

The Council decided a suspect was unnecessary because there were no people advocating for it staying in the tier in discussions on the discord. Along with the early results from the qualified playerbase on the survey being massively pro-ban, with a score 4.25/5. The general playerbase was also in favor a ban with a 3.85/ 5. Tagging dhelmise and Marty for implementation
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