Are these kinds of battles staged?


Demonstrably so
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Depends on the YouTuber. If they saved their replay of the game, and the game was public, then you could look it up and verify if it was a rated battle or a challenged battle. You can also see if the particular player has done any rated battles by typing "/rank user" in Showdown chat.

My personal assumption is at least some of temp6t's videos are staged, probably the ones involving Custom Game (since those are challenge-only). I know not all of them are staged, because occasionally they showcase player misbehavior getting punished by global staff. I have also seen some people intentionally act over-the-top if they think they're playing a YouTuber and can make it into a video (regardless of whether or not they really are actually playing a YouTuber). However, even if they were all scripted, that doesn't mean they can't still be entertaining; it just depends on your personal preference.

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