Are those People? No they are....Pokemon? -.-;

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Well ATM i dont have tons of stuff since i dont have a scanner to scan my multitute of drawings etc. Expect more this weekend and please give me tons of requests. :D

Here is a new thing i am going to try to start


(coming soon as individuals)

These are the only ones i have so far since i just started today. They were done pretty hastily.

If someone wants to help me i need them transparified since i still only use Microsoft Paint xP.

I will add more normal drawings later when i get access to a scanner or a camera other than my phone xP

Give me some requests for now. I want to expand my community of PokePeople
Ive done lots of sprites etc.

Im just trying to start something new, not continue something old. I would rather have my own thread wotj requests and stuff.
Sorry, but it's not allowed to have thread only for sprites;
ST's rules said:
*Please post all sprites, trainer cards, and sprite requests in this thread. Separate threads that consist only of sprites will be locked.


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Post your sprites in the sprite thread and start a thread for drawings when you've got your scanner please.
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