Challenge ari's LIT mono-fire pokemon pearl run


some people may ask "ari, my first question is, why", and my answer to that is: IT'S LIT

the real answer is that i started a plat nuzlocke and didn't finish it in time for the DPPT community run, so i had to choose my next best option. Pearl. my original decision was to do the same thing in plat-- monofire with all the same rules-- and my team would've been infernape, flareon, rapidash, houndoom, magmar (not magmortar since i can't trade), and 1 empty slot for the HM slave, but that's out the door. oh well.

- i can only use fire-type pokemon in battles; bibarel and starly are necessary to progress (woo! hms! yeah!) but will not be used in any battles. -
- set mode. -
- healing items can only be used in battles. -

with all that in mind, let's get to the shitshow.


Part 1: From Twinleaf Town to Eterna City

character creation time! i decide to name myself YYXY, my rival 1/3, and if i had control over it, i would 100% name dawn OEC. (this will be important later!) then i'm doing the standard running around to get out of twinleaf town, and it's at this point i realize that the start is a lot slower than i remembered... blaze through sandgem town, pun intended, and i reach jubilife city. dawn makes a comment about how i should catch more pokemon, to which i wish i could answer: No

locate the clowns, reveal the 4th clown (the guy that uses the poketch to count 3 coupons), then the 5th clown (me, for doing this), tie up loose ends by giving 1/3 his town map and getting my own in return, and we're off to oreburgh city. route 203 is a breeze because of the whole "overleveled started sweeping everything" and chimchar evolves into monferno in the middle of it, learning mach punch along the way. after punching and lighting up everything in oreburgh gate, i've reached oreburgh city, the city of... coal. and lots of dust. with that massive slag pile near the mine's entrance, i'm surprised no one's succumbed to silicosis or something.

let's go to the gym! wait no! barry's there, and he's somehow already beaten the gym leader with his actually usable team (how dare you?) and is now directing me to the mines. oh look, it's roark, and a shit ton of other NPCs that i walk around because i'm impatient and i want to punch the damn rocks. roark shows off by breaking a rock right in front of me, and walks off. i drag my way out of the cave and, after getting my hands dirty digging through the coal pile outside, i discover a nice little bag of stardust, somehow in pristine condition. cool!

gym time. i heal up the punch monkey and, as promised, punch the rocks. geodude and onix fall very quickly to the STAB-boosted mach punch, and cranidos's monstrous attack stat (125) is no match for the power of punching things really fast (ora ora). gym badge number one obtained! with that, roark gives me the TM for stealth rock as if i'm ever going to use it, and i'm off, returning to jubilife city because i can't run fast enough to get up the ramp on route 207.

speaking of route 207, if any of you have played pokemon platinum, you might remember that ponyta, the first fire-type you can get other than chimchar, is obtainable in the grass on that route before you even beat roark. in pearl however, the damn horse is found at route 211, and that's just next to eterna city. monferno's staying alone for a while, unfortunately, until i get up there.

down through route 203 and we're back at jubilife city. hey, who are those weird guys with blue hair? after monologuing for a minute, it's revealed that they're team galactic, and i have to team up with dawn to beat them. after doing literally all the work, the grunts abscond, and dawn and professor rowan leave.

route 204 is, like the start of the game, fairly uneventful. i did notice though that the pair of twins, liv and liz, will refuse to battle you if you only have one pokemon on hand. neat. why does it smell like flowers all of a sudden?

floaroma town, the town of, uh, nothing important. you get the GRACIDEA here, it has a strong connection with both FLOWERS and GRATITUDE, and yet shaymin is encountered in the flower paradise on the other side of the region. lame. after grabbing some berries and the sprayduck, we're heading down route 205, and some kid decides that a 10 year old with a single monkey is her and her dad's savior. a conveniently placed pair of grunts blocks my access to the rest of route 205, so i'm forced to go into the valley windworks and set shit on fire.

the grunts within the windworks are a pushover, and mars falls easily to a combination of setting her bat on fire and punching the cat. not so tough now, are you. team galactic leaves the building and that kid from earlier runs in and bullies her dad (uh oh, stinky), and they both make comments about a balloon pokemon. if this were gen5 and if it had its hidden ability, i'd honestly pick it up at the first opportunity since flare boost is a cool ability and it's fire-related, but unfortunately it is both saturday and a true mono-fire run, so that's not happening.

the rest of route 205 is boring as all fuck, as is eterna forest, EXCEPT. while i was doing this, i was also messing around in the PG room, and i decided to say "what if i punched cheryl's chansey for a shit ton of exp? lol" while fighting a required pair of NPCs and, since no one responded, i punched cheryl's chansey. that was a mistake. not only did it give no exp, but one of the pokemon in the fight got really lucky with a poison sting. this forced my hand into using my first in-battle item of the game, a potion, and after that it was spamming flame wheel and praying. luckily i got out of the fight alive, and cheryl doesn't hate me for beating up her eggmon, so i'm back up to full health instantly.

after setting more bugs on fire, we're out of eterna forest, cheryl thanks me for my service, and now that we're at eterna, i can FINALLY get more teammates for monferno! route 211's right there, and after a stunning 15 minutes of running around in the grass, i find my first ponyta.

for the sake of keeping the nicknames a secret, i'll be referring to my stack of horses as poneyta, ponytwo, ponythree, fournyta, and ponyfive until they evolve and when i finish the game, their true names will be revealed.

poneyta has been obtained! i caught it using a dusk ball some NPC gave me earlier, and let's look at its moves. it has tackle, tail whip, and growl. yuck. another few minutes of running through the grass and i find ponytwo, which is caught in a generic poke ball.

at the time of catching the ponytas, it was almost 1am, and my internet cuts off in some way at midnight, so while i could still access PS and discord since i had both open beforehand, i could not google anything. i pump poneyta up to level 14, sufficiently disappointed at its lack of STAB so far, and at its willingness to die incredibly quickly to a goldeen's horn attack. at 1am on the dot my mom comes in and yells at me for being awake, so i go to bed still highly underwhelmed by poneyta's performance so far.

i wake up the next morning, and my first thought is to check bulbapedia for ponyta's gen4 learnset and, well, holy shit.

in plat, it gets ember at level 10, so if i had played it there, i would already have a STAB move. then at level 15 it joins monferno in having flame wheel, a pretty solid fire-type move that further benefits from ponyta's higher attack stat.

in DP, it gets ember at level 16, and it never gets flame wheel. after that, it doesn't even get a STAB physical move until flare blitz at a staggering level 48.

in short, this fucking SUCKS

back to the grind. neither ponyta has the firepower (pun intended) to handle things on its own, so it's monferno's responsibility to rotate through the battles to give both ponytas enough EXP to hit level 16 and finally get something usable.

at the time of writing this, i'm fighting against the bird trainer with a single level 19 hoothoot on route 211, and it got lucky with hypnosis. poneyta has been asleep for 4 turns now, and just died to a critical peck. ponytwo takes slightly less damage from every peck, but the thing just missed a tackle, and now hoothoot has reflect up. after several turns of doing next to no damage, the bird is now dead, and it wasn't even enough EXP to bring ponytwo to level 14... just down that path is TM12, taunt. it's time to backtrack to the post-forest part of route 205, and talking to the wrong NPC means i have to deal with fisherman andrew and his 6 fucking magikarps. after 7 of poneyta's tackles, 1 missing, i get tired of the pitiful damage output and switch into monferno to wrap this up and put the fish out of their misery. still continually disappointed, i turn around and go back to eterna gym to hopefully kick a plant hard enough to grant one of the ponytas their first STAB move.

the first trainer i had already beat while grinding the day before, so it's on to the second, aroma lady jenna. she leads with budew, and i lead with poneyta, which uses tackle, and misses. sigh. budew retaliates with a water sport, which does literally nothing unless monferno comes out, and i use tackle again (which hits!), met with a stun spore immediately after. alright budew, be that way. miraculously enough, poneyta doesn't succumb to paralysis and drag out the battle, and makes its first actual decent kill! it hits level 15 and gains +3 points to its attack, which should assist in its tacklespamming. jenna sends out another budew, so i use a turn to heal the paralysis with an item i picked up some time ago. this time i use a tail whip instead of straight tackle, and budew #2 uses stun spore yet again. hey, did you know paralysis quarters your speed in gen4?

another turn passes with budew using absorb again, and tackle does a staggering 3/4 of the budew's HP this time, instead of a pathetic 1/3 (roughly). another turn is wasted on water sport, and poneyta racks up its second kill. repeat the process once more for the third budew, and poneyta scores its third kill, just 200 EXP short of a level up. ponytwo is still sitting at a sad level 13, but once poneyta gets ember, it'll be rotation time for the poor horse.

aroma lady number three is named angela, and she has a single turtwig at level 17. the tail whip strategy is tried and true, so i repeat it on turtwig, which does... less than 1/4 of its health. ew. in return, the grass turtle scores a critical hit on poneyta, forcing me to use another potion to keep it alive. it uses razor leaf, surprisingly, hitting me for only 7 damage, allowing me to use growl to dampen its hits a bit. i use another growl/tail whip combo, leaving it at -2 atk + -2 def, and another tackle brings it under half. 2 more and it's dead.

poneyta levels up to 16 and yes! sweet salvation! poneyta finally has a STAB move! even though it's special and pretty shit. one aroma lady left before i get to fight garde-- wait, that's a beauty.

beauty lindsay leads with roselia, and poneyta naturally leads with its newfound firebending skills. 3 hits and it's down, rewarding poneyta with well over 500 EXP, putting it almost halfway over the bar to the next level. back to the pokemon center, and its time for me to fight gardenia.

i can hear you, the reader, about to say "wait, ari, what happened to ponytwo? i thought you were going to grind it up like you did with poneyta?" the answer to that is that i never want to fucking do that again

the grass-type leader starts with a sizable cherubi sitting at level 19, while i lead with the untrained ponytwo. cherubi starts off with a leech seed, while i use tail whip, as is standard at this point. even with the defense drop, tackle hardly does shit, so i switch into poneyta to hit it with a super effective ember. cherubi takes this turn to use growth, bringing its special attack up one stage, and after that it keeps using non-damaging moves for some ungodly reason, safely letting me kill it with 2 more embers. ponytwo levels up, turtwig comes out, and i switch back into ponytwo for that sweet, sweet, gold experience.

turtwig uses withdraw on my dead turn, which i follow up with growl due to my ponyta duo's collective turtwig PTSD, and it returns with... reflect. god damn it. it then uses grass knot, rendering my growl useless, so poneyta comes back in with a set of sharp leaves immediately coming after it. ember hits for a bit under half, and by some miracle scores the burn. a second ember brings it down to the red, with burn damage just coming short of knocking it out. gardenia unsurprisingly uses a super potion, bringing it back up to full health, but what do you know, it's still burned.

repeating the process yet again puts it at a sliver of health. i switch back into ponytwo so it dies while ponytwo is on the field and it can get the extra EXP from roserade coming right after. a switch into monferno, and roserade's magical leaf does nearly a quarter of monferno's health! a single flame wheel from monferno is enough to kill roserade though, with ponytwo hitting 15, and monferno itself being millimeters away (21 EXP) from level 24. with that, gardenia awards me the forest badge and the TM86-- grass knot. hey, monferno can learn that one!

if you'll remember, earlier i mentioned the DPPT community run, and the checkpoint for this week ends at gardenia's gym. the galactic building is blocked off until the next week starts (aka... tomorrow), so the post ends here.


The Team So Far:
Poneyta | Level 17 | Brave | Flash Fire | Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip, Ember
Ponytwo | Level 15 | Hasty | Flash Fire | Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip
Monferno | Level 23 | Quirky | Blaze | Rock Smash, Mach Punch, Flame Wheel, Taunt​

Part 2: Eterna City Gym to... Eterna City

we are in eterna gym still and, fueled by nostalgia and my desire to not do anything requiring massive amounts of effort, it's time for us to take the first dip into the underground. nothing really of note happened there. i found a couple of elemental stones (as if that's gonna help much, cough.) an everstone, and a heart scale, but more importantly is a fist plate for monferno. at this point it's time to make our way into eterna's building. i want bike

at this point i could teach cut to a bidoof but, as mentioned in the rules in the post above, i can't do any grinding with HM slaves so i'd have to catch a bibarel right after in order to surf around (and starly doesn't learn cut either). a quick side trip to the right side of the building and i pull TM46 thief, then we're in. the first battle is a double battle which i... thought was just a couple of random NPCs, so both ponytas come out on turn 1. both of the grunt's pokemon are under ponytwo's level, so they comfortably take down the pair (with some unfortunate struggling to do damage from ponytwo).

up the stairs! lots of grunts here. let's start with the bottom left and go around. first grunt has a wurmple as its lead, and ponytwo misses a tackle. twice. in a row. 3 actual direct hits take the wurmple down, and out comes zubat. another tackle misses. 95% accuracy is a bitch. i've used 10 tackles so far and missed 3 of them, for fucks sake. an astonish flinches and im pretty sure i invoked the wrath of god somehow. after several turns of crying, the zubat's down, and ponytwo is...!

31 experience short of level 16 and by extension, its first usable move. i hope you all understand the pain of being a single dad raising 2 horses.

silcoon from another grunt spams harden so it's out to poneyta to ember it to death, and ponytwo F I N A L L Y gets ember. a scientist goes down and we're at the top floor, with poneyta in the front instead of ponytwo as it took a sizable C H U N K from a confusion from kadabra. jupiter and the bike guy don't notice me running in circles around them, until i sneak up behind jupiter between the pokemon. FIGHT!

poneyta handles zubat pretty easily with a lucky ember burn, and now it's time for jupiter's ace-- skuntank. it's at this point i realize i never equipped the fist plate...

smokescreen is the first move from the fat skunk, which i follow up with a tail whip to help our monke incinerate it when it switches in. monferno hits it with a flame wheel and, why does skuntank have a sitrus berry? after a turn of barely living a screech-boosted critical night slash, monferno finally kills the stench rat. hey, that wasn't too bad, compared to the 17 nuzlockes i've lost to her. (interestingly, after the fight, the bike guy says "Clefairy" formatted normally instead of the all-caps "CLEFAIRY", an honor normally reserved for nicknamed pokemon only.)


nothing much on cycle road except some trainers that beat the shit out of the horse duo, and one NPC that has to have a single ponyta with him. how fucking dare you. fortunately, after a stall match with the impostor, i discovered that he does not have flash fire, and i do. after carefully dodging various cyclists (which, might i say, is REALLY FUCKING HARD). both ponytas are low and i have 0 healing items on hand so, after accidentally battling another cyclist, i'm healing in eterna city.

at this point im very burnt out (pun intended, again) and i really cant be bothered doing the Running Around in Hearthome City sidequest(???) with all the work i haven't done yet so this update is going to be cut short.


The Team So Far:
Poneyta | Level 19 | Brave | Flash Fire | Stomp, Growl, Tail Whip, Ember
Ponytwo | Level 17 | Hasty | Flash Fire | Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip, Ember
Monferno | Level 24 | Quirky | Blaze | Rock Smash, Mach Punch, Flame Wheel, Cut​

Part 3: The Big Ass Haulery

did you know that i am REALLY FAR BEHIND???

time to sprint to cynthia!

Part 3A: Hearthome City - Solaceon Town

nothing really of note happens here. get the happiny egg (promptly boxed), get the tuxedo (as if im ever doing contests in THIS economy), barry fights me with an impostor ponyta (and a prinplup which... didn't use a single water move on me...), then it's a quick heal and out to solaceon town.

the route between the two is simply infested with babies. as with hearthome city, nothing of note, except for Cowgirl Shelley with her 5 bidoofs.

solaceon town is similarly very sparse, but there's some fun trivia to write about it.

Part 3B: Solaceon Town - Veilstone City

did you know that the route just above solaceon has ponyta? time to get our third team member! ponythree is a fairly simple catch, though she nearly kills ponytwo with a badly-timed stomp. like the other two ponytas she has flash fire, and has the same moveset since ponyta's levelup movepool is literally shit. soon after, we get fournyta, the only male ponyta so far and the only one with run away.

now we only have one moveslot left, and because i am a very cool and good man i have decided to breed for one last ponyta, using monferno and a female ponyta chosen by the most efficient, useful method: asking people in the PG room

[14:45:05] +poipoltergeist: hey someone pick a number, 1 2 or 3
[14:45:09] igiveuponaname: 3
[14:45:12] +poipoltergeist: ponythree it is

monferno has flame wheel and ponythree is, as stated, female, so the resulting ponyta will have flame wheel. after running in circles in front of the daycare man, he finally gave me the Flame Wheel Egg. ponyta has a hatch time of some 5000 steps, so in the downtime while i run around to hatch it, i leave poneyta and ponytwo in the daycare to level up and have some team bonding time while i run around and grind some other trainers into dust. ty and sue's level 19 machop/meditite pair punches my ponyta duo so hard that i have to turn around and heal up, and a few battles later, the entire route is cleaned so it's time to explore the lost tower!

a youngster thinks i'm a ghost so he throws a skunk at me, which ponythree stomps away. the other 2 mons are fairly irrelevant (shellos water pulses ponythree nearly to death though), and the rest of the NPCs fall away fairly easily. the two remaining NPCs at the top of the tower hand over a cleanse tag and the HM04: strength, which is cool and good!

i slowly make my way out of the tower and catch a bibarel, which (as mentioned earlier) is my new HM slave, named charmander as suggested by PG. staravia is also catchable on this route but the stupid fucking beaver sapped the last of my poke balls and i don't really need staravia yet, so it'll wait. for now, it's up to the route north of solaceon to continue running around and grinding until this damned egg hatches.

the battles are mostly uneventful, barring a girafarig killing ponythree, then a kricketune's bide combined with 2 lowrolling embers killing fournyta... heal up and its back to the grind, in which a particularly annoying cleffa procs cutecharm on fournyta and hits sing and lovelykiss. fucker. other than that, there's a fair few trainers on the route itself with happiny, which gives some much-needed experience to the team. piles of RNG take their toll on the horses, but nonetheless we stomp our way through the route and enter the cafe on top of the route. a few battles later, that area is clean.

what now?

solaceon ruins hasn't been explored yet. let's go there.

platinum has a handful of evolutionary stones hidden in the dead ends, while DP has some assorted slightly useless utility items. well, maybe we'll find something interesting, or hatch ponyfive. after looking hard at the rocks, i make my way out of the cave, and ponyfive hatches...!

we finally have a full team of 6. time to start the true hauling.

the next route unfortunately is permaraining, which really dampens the team's spirits. a few unimportant battles here and there, a TM for payback, a croagunk nearly killing ponytwo with a Creeper (Aw Man), a second! fist plate for monferno, and unfortunately i noticed that while poneyta was in the daycare stomp got overwritten by fire spin, which, shit, significantly tanks her usefulness for this damned route.

hey, remember that double battle at the very end of the route? the one that has the gyarados? yeah uh


shenanigans time??? both ponyta in the battle outspeed so i continually spam growl, then trap it in one's firespin while the other stomps and flinches it to death. now, it's time for veilstone city, aka i am going to beat maylene or get my ass beat in return. though, the game corner is right there... maybe it's time to start customizing my team.


The Team So Far:
Poneyta | Level 26 | Brave | Flash Fire | Growl, Tail Whip, Ember, Fire Spin
Ponytwo | Level 23 | Hasty | Flash Fire | Stomp, Growl, Tail Whip, Ember
Ponythree | Level 24 | Hardy | Flash Fire | Growl, Tail Whip, Ember, Stomp
Fournyta | Level 24 | Calm | Run Away | Growl, Tail Whip, Ember, Stomp
Ponyfive | Level 16 | Hardy | Run Away | Tackle, Flame Wheel, Growl, Ember
Monferno | Level 28 | Quirky | Blaze | Rock Smash, Mach Punch, Flame Wheel, Cut​

Part 4: The Fun Part

veilstone to pastoria babes! lets get it

Part 4A: Veilstone City Gym (Fuck Machoke) to Pastoria City

the gym battles are fairly repetitive, its just beat machoke and win. i grind the team a bit and it's time for the maylene battle. surprisingly enough, it's relatively uneventful, with ponyfive handling meditite at 3 levels under, getting instantly annihilated by her machoke next, and monferno playing cleanup for the rest of the battle. after 50 hours, i finally have my third badge, and the TM for drain punch! which i WOULD give to monferno, if i didn't have to overwrite it in favor of grass knot later down the line. (i later find out that the chimchar line cant even fucking learn it)

dawn harasses me outside the gym and tells me she dropped her pokedex, so i reluctantly help her get it back. the grunts lead with beautifly and dustox, which are no match for ponyfive's sheer power with flame wheel. croagunk gets critted to death, and dawn's clefairy uses metronome into giga impact on the stunky next to it. the grunts give dawn's pokedex back, and inside the warehouse is HM02: fly.

the route(s?) between veilstone and pastoria have already been cleared out, so i'm going to make a detour to the house west of pastoria. on the way there i find TM06: toxic, which might be useful if i ever take up toxic stalling.

i get to the house and i discover that it's not the shard tutor, the people inside give out weather-summoning moves. 10 red shards for sunny day. great.

i decide to teach fournyta hidden power, and through some testing shenanigans (NVE on magikarp > SE on roselia > SE on geodude) i learn that its hidden power is ice-type. this might be useful later. if/when i get the flamethrower TM, i'll throw it on fournyta and he can be the team's special attacker.

anyway. pastoria gym time!

Part 4B: Pastoria City Gym to Hearthome City Gym

now, the trainers are naturally a bit disastrous to handle, with water-types being water-types and mudbomb being a staple on every fucking shellos. all that aside, we got up to the gym leader with 2 pokemon left and no sudden runs out to get healed up.

the biggest, worst problem here is gyarados. my last gyarados strat was to spam growl and whittle it down, but wake's gyarados's brine is special so that won't work. then it has dragon rage, a flat 40 damage, bite, annoying, and swagger, SUPER annoying. i start with poneyta and switch into ponytwo to get rid of intimidate, then it swaggers and i heal ponytwo with a persim berry. +2 stomp brings it down to red-- wake super potions-- and i repeat the process until ponytwo is brined to death. ponythree comes out and finishes the job with another few stomps, and quagsire is out. it wastes a turn on mud sport while i switch into monferno, which was taught grass knot. quagsire dies in one hit to grass knot, and floatzel comes out.

i unfortunately forgot that floatzel is REALLY FUCKING FAST.

monferno lives a brine from floatzel, and gets off a grass knot, bringing it down to yellow. it has a sitrus berry and eats it, putting it back at green, just over half. fuck, this isn't good.

ponythree comes out and floatzel goes for ice fang instead. and it flinches. of course. stomp does pathetically little and wake uses his second super potion on the weasel, which keeps cycling ice fang and swift for some reason. fournyta dies instantly to a OHKOing brine, and ponyfive's job now is to stall for time. it spams ice fang and swift while i use a revive and super potion on monferno, and the turn after, i try to stomp and it gets the damn freeze from ice fang. ponyfive thaws itself with flame wheel for a sliver of health, and monferno comes in to finish the job with a critical grass knot.

that was the shit of nightmares. i hate this place.

wake gives me the fen badge-- our 4th-- and TM55: brine, a memoir of the bullshit we just experienced. thinking back, maybe it wouldve been more advantageous to let poneyta lead with a persim berry, making gyarados give free attack boosts to it, but no use thinking about it now.

back to veilstone for a brief intermission. TM time! and time to push out roles

poneyta | has return and high happiness with an attack-boosting nature, but no flame wheel; it'll be one physical attacker for the bunch. its evolution will be stalled to make room for flare blitz. other physical moves can also be thrown in whenever possible
ponytwo | kinda low special attack stat at the moment, so it can be a physical attacker too. once it hits evolution, i can give it megahorn, poison jab, flare blitz (not stalled though), and strength. i kinda want it to be a special attacker though so i might shift it to that position if its stats get better?
ponythree | toxic+protect staller with fire blast and some physical move
fournyta | since i gave it hidden power (ice) and fire blast, it can be the group's hard-hitter special attacker, with two other special moves potentially filling the dead spaces
ponyfive | our flame wheel boy, he can be another physical attacker
monferno | monferno (6)

physical: 1, 2 (subject to change), 5
special: 4
mixed: 3
monferno: monferno

barry fight goes by fast-- prinplup still being annoying-- and i track down the team galactic grunt to valor lakefront. cynthia gives me the secretpotion and it's up the route. the fog proves to be VERY fucking annoying, but we make it up the route with few casualties. one irrelevant battle in celestic town later and we can fly back to hearthome with the HM02 surf in hand.

gym battles are uneventful and honestly, fantina herself is too. i come out and cynthia's pushing me to go to canalave city.

at this point i've resigned to my fate of not being able to complete the CP but i WILL still be posting about The Shitshow, just likely in smaller pieces instead of massive chunks.


{team coming soon}​

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