Arplane Pt.2! Rayquaza Giveaway


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What a lovely assortment of Pokemon :) Are we allowed to request more than one mon?

Deposited: Female Salandit, Lv 1, Dive Ball
Requesting: Jolly shiny Snorunt
IGN: Blueforce

Much appreciated
Thanks! Redeposited with same details Thank you~
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Requested: Stakataka
Deposited: F Salandit lv 16
IGN: Ladeyna

Thank you so much once again and for your time :-)
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Hi, I hope I dont come off as rude if I just post my request here...
Request: Latias
Deposited: Salandit, Level 17, Quick Ball
IGN: GottiPls

Thanks in advance.
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Requesting: Buzzwole
Deposited: female Salandit, lvl 16, Quickball
IGN: Annine

Thanks in advance!
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Requesting: Pheromosa
Deposited: female Salandit, lvl 16, great ball
IGN: Annine

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for allowing us to get more than one!!!
IGN: Jose
Deposited: female Salandit, level 19, ultraball
Requested: Snorut
message: Please trade pokemon with me. Thanks in advance
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