Art Competition Thingy

Hey so the MAC is bi-monthly now because it moves way to fast if we have to make both a voting thing and another contest in the same time frame (read: wickdaggler is lazy)

however I've come up with something to pass the time while we're waiting.

It's pretty much a thing where a bunch of artists will sign up, and you'll all be assigned into teams of 2. One person would do sketching/ inking and one person would colour. It's a chance for people to work together and have other people interpret their art or whatever.

Everybody should use photoshop or at least agree on a program which has a file extension they can share. Also the deadline would be pretty much non - existent because I know how lazy you all are but try to get it done within 2 months?

Anyway this is judging interest, and if there are enough people (maybe enough for 4 teams?) we'll just start it up. Post if you're interested I guess.

Well I can say I'm most certainly interested. Although I dunno how to share Photoshop files aside from uploading them to some other site which doesn't save the layers, lol. I'd join in if someone could teach me how to do that.

edit: Don't want to spam up the thread so I'll say thanks, thanks.
even if you couldn't there's a way to colour photos that are on a single layer as long as they have a background.
Set the layer that the sketch is on to "multiply" from the layer options, then colour on a layer below that

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