Art Contest: Pokemon: Pop Culture Parody

Have you ever seen the classic poster for a famous film, and wondered, "what if it was pokemon movie?"

we've all seen them, we've all laughed, we've all cried..

We've seen them on pokemon shirts, on posters, on fanmade content..

A parody is when you take something established, something serious, and then use its conventions and manipulate them to make something funny- in this case, what we're looking for is as follows:

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: To draw or photo manipulate a parody of a famous image or scene from a fictional work, primarily using Pokemon.

What does this mean? Well, quite frankly, it's up to you. Covers, movie scenes, album covers, game sprites (in context of the game itself), ads.. Remember something outlandish, something wonderful, an iconic image, and replace it with something.. pokemony!

1. One picture/entry per user.
2. Art can be either in digital or traditional form, but please be aware that the photos should be of good quality.
3. If the scene you've chosen to parody is spoilery in nature, please only post it if the work was released before 1999. This means that spoilers older than that, such as "Luke, I am your father", are acceptable.
4. No explicit content- gory films and such must be toned down to a G rating.
5. WIPs are allowed, but please edit posts when the final version is complete. Upon deadline, your work will be judged as-is.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Now, how are these entries judged?
The judges will choose a winning entry based on both overall presentation, which means being aesthetically pleasing, as well as looking like it was done with care. However, the second category is based on "spiritual parodyness", which is how much it adheres to the original style of what it is parodying. Winning entries would be a piece of illustrated artwork with a clear and obvious inspiration that cleverly substitute or expand on the original themes with appropriate Pokemon.

The current judges are: Me, a deer, aXl , and Sunfished


Great! Let me get started!
Woah, hold on there! I haven't even gotten to the most important info: dates and deadlines!
This contest is timed to have the final verdict come out on exactly the 1st of march,
which is when the contest ends: one month from the day this is first submitted. Post your art below ASAP but the deadline is..

27th of February, the 20th anniversary of pokemon!

But wait! what are my prizes??
Oh, I almost forgot! The prizes are as follows:

1st place: A digital download version of Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue for the 3ds, as well as a free request from any of the artists in a list that is gonna be posted below!

2nd place: the version of the first gen game that the 1st place winner did not choose.

3rd place: A request from one of the artists on the aforementioned list!

Thanks, and may the spirit of parody be with you!

Ask below for any questions, this contest has been, I'm pretty sure, approved by Bummer
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Sorry. Well, anyway, I've always wanted do enter one of these (in my long period of lurking) so... here's my entry! It's actually a relatively old image, but I actually like it (I'm surprised I actually was able to do this at one point).

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Here it is, Pokemon Themed Monster Hunter. I'm a huge fan of both games and decided to mix 'em up for this contest. In-case you're wondering, the Jawblade for this parody is Krookodile's, well, it's based on it anyway.
Goodluck to the others!!!

(If you play MH4U and need help, pm me.)

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