Arts & Culture Joint Event: Pokémon Background Challenge 2!


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Smeargle’s Studio + Arts & Culture Joint Event: Pokémon Background Challenge!

This is the second iteration of the collaboration background event between Smeargle's Studio and Arts & Culture! Same deal as last time; I'm tired of looking at ugly little creatures, show me some of your favorite landscapes and environments from the franchise!


Pieces must have an emphasis on backgrounds. Characters are allowed in pieces, but take care not make works overly character-centric. For example, refrain from precisely rendering a figure just to slap some leaf and vine textures behind them. This event is intended to have people explore environments and locations they were drawn to in Pokémon. All types of styles and mediums are allowed and encouraged. We do ask that you provide us with a high-quality photo of your work if it happens to be a traditionally-made piece.


Submissions will open on February 10th, close on March 3rd, and voting results will be tallied and released on March 10th.


Each piece will be voted on by a pre-selected panel of judges. Not all judges will be artists, but we believe this method is the best way to negate any outside manipulation of the vote. The three artists who score the highest will be eligible for the following prizes:
  • A custom avatar on PS!, a disabled username on PS!, a free namecolor change on PS, or a custom title on Smogon!
  • A $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • A one-month subscription for Discord Nitro
Each prize is exclusive; the first-placing artist receives the first pick of the pot, thereby eliminating whichever choice they selected. The second-placing artist will then have two remaining options to choose from, and so on. In the event of a prize recipient turning down their reward, the next highest-placing artist will be granted the opportunity to receive a prize.

Final Notes:
  • No NSFW!
    • NSFW includes but is not limited to: Illicit substance use, excessive blood, gore, nudity, and sexually explicit content.
  • No plagiarism!
    • If you are heavily referencing another artist’s work, you must provide a link to the original artwork and the artist’s handle. Uncredited use of another person’s art DOES count as plagiarism and will result in disqualification.
  • Feel free to submit multiple pieces. All pieces will be evaluated, and any individual that submits more than one work will have their highest-scoring one automatically considered as their main competitive entry.
  • Don’t worry about being completely faithful to a location. Oftentimes, our exposure to areas is incredibly limited, so we’re very much looking forward to seeing unique renditions for locations that never really got a chance to shine! (Obviously, this isn’t to say that there is anything wrong with working with a common or popular choice.)
  • Whoever fails to read the rules and fucks up will be subjected to extreme embarrassment in the thread!


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Good afternoon losers,

I'll be extending the deadline to March 10th to try and get more submissions in. Please submit! I'm seeing a lot of people hesitant to enter because they suck, please do not get held up on sucking, I promise we all suck, you will suck less if you work on something new. Thanks!


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Results will most likely be posted (roughly) a week after submissions are closed: March 17th - March 18th depending on when judges get all results added up

Violet never actually said so, so hopefully he doesn't hurt me. I'll edit the post to let you know if I survived later

Edit: Violet didn't hurt me because I was right :blobthumbsup:
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How do you get to the Arts & Culture room?
Get on which you can access from here by clicking the Play Online! option up top. 'Arts & Culture' can be found under chat rooms, or use the filter with 'life and hobbies', to make it easier to see. Excited to see you there :blobthumbsup:


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Ok everything has been finalized...

owl_with_scarf : Ruins of Alph

Arkeis: Glimwood Tangle

in the hills: The Great Marsh

Pissog : The End of a Journey

deerlegs : Mt. Moon

Shockal: Casseroya Clash

wrongmilk: Sunset

in the hills

in the hills : Virbank Gym

Stache + Crumpet: Viridian Pixels Forest


Tear : Junglebel

prynmatic : Terastalized

Parsleysaur : Spotlight

Magmar54 : Floaroma Meadow

wailing_wailord : Calm after the Storm

@Miasek01: Flusselles (Anistar City)

Jiaree: A Stroll In Town

b-torterra : Nixtorm from Pokémon Conquest!


Galactikitty: 217

AmericanPi: Skyarrow Bridge / Oblivia

kingus : Relic Castle

BlueSpark777: Sleepy Ruins


Kantoxic: Fortree City

Captain. Munch: Answers of Earth

Captain. Munch: End of Disaster

VolticHalberd: Flicker Amongst the Chargestones


Meaper : Effervescent Area Zero

Loethalion: Sharpedo Bluff


Thanks to everyone who participated! As always, if you want specific feedback on your piece, feel free to ask in the thread (if seeking public input) or you could PM me or another judge (if seeking private input). Prize winners (top three placers) should contact me privately to secure prizes.

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