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Welcome to thread, where updates are irregular because I'm a lazy bum (trying to change that).

Requests are not really accepted any longer because my track record of fulfilling them within a reasonable timeframe left much to be desired. Trying to be better at that. If you happen to catch me on irc and inspire some really retarded idea in me, though, it usually gets drawn within the day.

Four-ish years ago, I stumbled upon a site called Smogon. I lurked about the forums, mostly the CAP and Smeargle's Studio, entranced by the artwork found within (I was also interested in the competitive pokemoning, but was always too intimidated to try it out).

Now, so much later, I have broken out of my awful shyness streak and now offer my artistic skills for your viewing pleasure. I may take requests, but you'll have to decide whether you want it quick and sketchy, or slower and more care taken, as I don't have time to do my best since college + poor time managment skills of mine = not a lot of time.

Enough rambling of words, you came here for art! Ordered roughly from newest to oldest.


An azelf that was really drawn up specifically for this thread, to have more than one pokemon picture at the start. Azelf has been a favorite of mine since the arduous battle to capture it back in diamond.

Breloom, in colored pencils. Done a few months ago back in summer. I don't often work in traditional media aside from margins-of-notes-sketches, but I like this picture. It's a shame the scanner ate the color of this thing.

A 3d model of my entry for CAP4, all you're going to see from this submission because all my other work of this design is awful. This model was actually done for a school assignment, and I happened to make it work for CAP too.
link because it's rather large

Not Pokemon

A dragonfly and some kind of mammal thing. These were doodles during class that happened to find their way into color and shading-ish. Originals are gigantic background-sized things. If people want I could link to the larger originals for backgrounding purposes, but these are kind of rough drawings so I dunno.

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Kadewwwwwwww <3
glad you've decided to get involved in smogon, when I saw your art in the CaP thread I was really impressed :)
Your sketchy art is really nice and the colouring you have for them fits, but seeing a few more cleaned pieces would be nice to see how you go in that style. On that note, can I have a cute Purugly?
Welcome to smeargle's, hope you stay :)
These are really cool! I really want to see you with more free time. The 3D masquerader bug is my favourite out of these. I'm also a fan of the Breloom. :3
As far as requests go... my only one is to see a digital finished to your absolute best capacity! It would be really cool to see something like this with enough time to pour effort in- I think you'd do really well.

As for critique:

The only real nitpick is proportion/anatomy. You've got it down well as a whole, but there are little discrepancies that make the picture seem odd. I suffer from the same thing sometimes, and it's probably one of the most irritating things to fix. Azelf is the most noticeable of these- its arms are a little strange. The only other thing is the cat creature's snout and back leg away from us.

As a whole, though, it doesn't really detract from the art too much. Generally, to fix problems with proportion/anatomy, you either have to use a highly accurate reference or be able to perceive crazily accurately. Or guess, which is what I do. :3

as for praise:

I like the subtle red highlight on Azelf's head where the gem is- it's nice attention to detail! The tree in the Breloom drawing is impressive, and the pose and expression of the Breloom is absolutely adorable. As for your CAP4... I think that's pretty obvious. It's really detailed and pops out! The 3D's really well done. (The hand in the background is a nice touch as well.) Your dragonfly is also rather cute, and its eye in particular is oddly enchanting. The cat-like critter looks pretty accurate- digitigrade legs and all!- and it is also rather cute.

I really like your stuff! Definitely keep at it. :D
pls draw moar


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As CB pointed out, its arms did receive a size reduction, but the rest of the body is proportionate enough, and the lighting seals the deal just nicely. Worthy of a first post.

It's a pleasant image. Pity about the colors, although I can still tell a lot of them if I tilt the screen just right. Most images of breloom features its more violent side, so this picture was a nice break to show its natural side.

A 3d model of my entry for CAP4, all you're going to see from this submission because all my other work of this design is awful.


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Phew, gotta dust the cobwebs outta this thread. Sorry for the long absence, college was kicking my trash, but with the holidays I am now going to try to updort this thread more often than never. And requests are welcome, now that I actually have time to get around to them. Speaking of which, here is Ritter's purugly from forever ago

Aside from that adorable lardball, I have also done a few drawings for the CAP project during the neglect of this thread



and froxbite, the fun little unofficial speedCAP done over the course of a couple of hours in IRC
Love the Purugly haha, my cat does that all the time and the facial expression is perfect n_n The only thing that seems a bit off with it is that bit leg, it looks oddly posed and too small (I think you attempted it hanging down?) but that's only minor
I like the shading style on Embirch/Flarelm, but I think it's much better executed on Flarelm. On Embirch, idk, maybe the colours seem a little faded, but I think another thing to work is blending your sharing a little better to make it smoother, because currently you can kind of see bands of colour and clear divisions between the different shading tones or whatever instead of a smooth tradition (idk I hope you get what I mean)
This isn't as much of an issue on Flarelm cause of it workin with the wood texture but it's noticeable on Embirch and maybe something to work on

Anyway keep on going Kadew, I love your work :)


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Caution, enormous art dump ahead


3D legoperson Red and pikachu, made it before the CAP4 submission 3d model, so the craftsmanship is slightly worse. And I utterly screwed up pikachu's uv mapping, so I couldn't put the black tips on the ears.

silly little doodle, nothing much to see

Simisear in the snow for the Secret Santa this year. Had a ton of fun drawing it, their floofy tails are so fun to draw. Cute story about this: during the winter break when I was drawing this, my 3 year old niece was among the family that was staying with us for the holidays. I showed her the picture as I was working on it and said "Look, I'm drawing a pair of monkeys!" She responds "Thank you," like she thought I was drawing it for her.

This was my submission to the Monthly Art Contest: Heroism that I never finished because reasons. Was going to be something like a mother breloom and her shroomish children hiding in the bushes as the father breloom is fighting off a pack of sneasel. Both heroism from the father protecting his family, and the heroism of the mother holding and soothing the children in a time of trouble. Wish I would have finished it, but better to move on to other things than dwell on it.

Card for the card project. Azelf is cool. And spade-shaped.

Pic for the battle free-for-all, a fennekin drowning a pikachu in its prodigious ear hair. Fun fact, this was my first time drawing fennekin. Poofy ears. Poof.

Spawned from the chat of #cap, female machoke x male gardevoir OTP. The dancing was my own idea, though.

Another from #cap, something about listing pokemon that have king in the name, and one of the users terribly misstyped slowking as skiwjubg. This is the result. I sketched the "lineart" with my left hand, and then rendered it with loving care.


A while back in #cap, me Mos Quitoxe and CBMeadow were having a little competition of redrawing some of the less-artisically-inclined submissions from CAP4.

so hawt OTP

My submissions for aurumoth's pre-evolutions, in a sort of lineup to show my idea of their relative heights. The human for scale is me.

Too much of my art comes from stupid typos. Aurumoth's fighting coverage too strong.

Again, from #cap silliness (seems like that is where all my art comes from). Someone was discussing the merits of sassy mollux, and I had to draw it.

Chat between me and CBMeadow gave way to these. Aurumoth can't duckface because it has no face, just eye holes in a mask. And makeup won't help or be permitted.

Submission for aurumoth's baby form, I love this little fella.

Submission for aurumoth's middle evolution, I don't love it quite as much as fluffy caterpillar.

Aurumoth as a caterpillar can't duckface either, but it gets a gold star for effort.

Something that bubbled up in #cap about a person's idea for a ground/fire type and another user (I don't recall who) drew a crude little sketch of it. I went and redrew that into this monstrosity.
Your cap stuff is brilliant, and god-damn I'm jealous of your lineart.
and your facial expressions...
and your doodles...
and the humour in your drawings...

Yeah this critique just became a fap sesh. Sorry.


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Today in my figure drawing class, we were permitted to bring our medium of choice instead of the typical charcoals and newsprint, so I brought my tablet and so I can share these rough ugly sketches with you. With a mingling of a few non-figure drawings because sometimes the model takes a break and I get bored.

Drawing people is one of the hardest things, and I could really afford to get better in this category. So, any critique or advice helping with anatomy and figure drawing would be greatly appreciated.

The more sketchy and ugly poses down there were probably from the stint of 30 second poses we did to help loosen up.

that mollux painting is really cute kadew! i like how their shells are lava lamps, and their noses make a heart. Plus the colors are very appealing :D
and lol that is totally John Travolta XD


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It's that time, the wonderful parade of CAP has marched 'round the corner into the art submissions, and here is my current idea. Sloths are evil little monsters, there's a sin named for them y'know, and they grow algae/mold in their fur, so I figured they'd be a good fit for dark/grass.

Sometime later this week I'll be making a more polished version of this fella, and probably supporting arts too, so expect to see murdersloth around this thread for a while.



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Smogart, was kind of lazy/flakey this issue and only did one art for it like a bum.

A wip for the same article as the above, didn't get finished in time because of the aforementioned lazyflake bumitude. I kind of want to finish it sometime, though. That wingull is a cutie.


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Going to be editing in a whooole loada crap in here pretty soonlike, stay tuned.


Murdersloth finished, my submission for what eventually became Malaconda

Malaconda gets all the ladies

So happy!

Maladconda sprite I never final submissioned. Eye lasers!

An amoongus for The Smog

Amoongus using rage powder, as was requested of the previous image.

If I were a fakemon~

Aaand that'll be all for now. I'll fish out the rest later today.


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And the rest

Hawkeye feelin' fabulous

as is He Man

I really shoulda drawn this guy in a red shirt.

Malaconda is a fairly huge snake.

Some people had really stupid ideas for flavor abilities.

My submission for breezi's art revamp. It won~! My first CaP art victory.

Salamence avatar for The Smog. Next issue I'm planning on not being such a bum.

IRC decided that I have a man face.

This was going to be an avatar for someone, but Jimera0 made me ruin it with aipom.

Breloom is the best~

This and the breloom were doodled up while chatting last night, in my distraction this accidentally ended up with only three legs. Oops.

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