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Woo I got internet on my phone at work :D

Anyway inviting birkal to central processing hard mode. Also accepting "taking on the programmers job".
It seems like I'm not going to be going away from here for a longer time than I first thought.

Open Invitation for Central Processing (Normal). Please tell me whether or not you want to go for the Porygons when accepting; I have Pokémon avaliable for each route.


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Well, we had to start somewhere. Inviting Leethoof to Central Processing Normal Mode, taking The Programmer's Job, willing to wait for some time in queue until Raid referees have a manageable workload etc. Flavour coming up soon.
Open invite to... really, anywhere you wanna go.
This is pretty much a "I need a raiding partner" post.

If I really need to name a place then... uuh... Tidefury Strand Normal Mode. But really, if you want to raid, tell me and we can discuss what we can do.
...I am insane. I haven't completed the gatekeeper quest yet, but I'm losing patience.

Open invitation to Raging Shore (Normal)

Taking Of Love and Frost quest
Inviting akela to Tidefury Strand (Hard Mode).

Before accepting you should contact me somewhere, preferably PM. You might need to spend a couple of those Badges of Valor.


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I'm bored of waiting.

tavok I'm officially inviting you to Tidefury Strand HM!

There's no quest or anything right

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Inviting deadfox081 to Raging Shore Hard Mode after our claims are approved. Taking Of Love and Frost quest.

for my own reference,
mega zard y heat rock / emboar expert belt / stratagem rare candy / eelektross heirophant
audino / castform / infernape / mega aggron

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