Data ASB Raid Zone - The Hour of Twilight General Thread (Distortion World unlocked)

As your enter the Pokemon League gates, you see that the building inside is a lot more crowded than you remembered it. A queue of trainers wait at the Pokemon Center, with the nurse struggling to heal each team as fast as she can muster. Several people sit at the tables all around the hall, or buy healing items at the market. However, not a single smile can be seen on their faces. Most look worried, a few look sad, everyone looks disheartened by the beginning of a war none would have expected to fight.

The cry of a girl draws your attention towards one of the groups sit at the tables. You recognize Gardenia, the Gym Leader of Eterna City, weeping desperate while the Gym Leader of Hearthome City, Fantina, tries to console her.
Next to them, Crasher Wake shakes his head. "Looks like we lost Eterna City as well"
"Damned fiends!", curses Flint, the Sinnoh Elite Four member, out of frustration. "Is there a city that still has not fallen to that monster?"
"I had to evacuate Sunnyshore City a couple days ago", explains Volkner, his expression showing all his concern for his townsfolk. "From the looks of it, only Snowpoint City is holding. They managed to stall Darkrai's forces at Lake Acuity, but I don't know how long will they resist".
"D-do you think... do you think Candice will make it?", asks Gardenia, her voice still broken and feeble. But before Volkner could reply, the adamant voice of a woman silences the entire hall, drawing everyone's attention to her.

Unlike most other people in the room, you can tell just by looking into Cynthia's eyes that she has not given up, not even now that night itself seeks to claim her land forever. You almost feel like everyone's hope lit up slightly just by virtue of her presence. Next to her, you also recognize several other leaders of the New Dawn that you met before in your endeavors: Lance, Wallace, and Steven. A red haired old man also is waiting in a corner of the room, behind the other leaders. Judging from his looks, you realize he could not be anyone other than the Unova Champion, Alder.
"Thank you for coming, champions", greets the Sinnoh Champion. Only now you realize how many other trainers from other regions populate the room. Gym Leaders from Kanto, Frontier Brains from Hoenn, even several Elite Four members from across the world all gathered here to hear the plea of this woman who rose to fight darkness.
"I won't hide you that the situation is dire", she begins explaining. "Most of Sinnoh cities have been overrun by Darkrai's minions. We have managed to evacuate the majority of people to safety in other regions, while most of those who are still able to battle gathered here.
However, I recently got word from the Gym Leader of Snowpoint City, Candice, that their hometown is still holding ground. Fortunately we have been able to send supplies and reinforcements through Snowpoint's harbor. The 9th army has landed in Snowpoint last night, and managed to retake most of the lands around Lake Acuity."
Several voices start whispering across the room. You manage to eavesdrop the nearest two.
"The 9th army? I've never heard of them, father", asks a girl. You turn and realize it is Fuchsia's new Gym Leader, Janine.
"Of course, Janine, you're too young to remember", replies Elite Four Koga. "The 9th army is a cohort of veterans from Johto and Kanto under the command of Lt. Surge. If he is the one defending Snowpoint, then none will take it easily, human or god."
After a few moments, Cynthia resumes her speech. "However, we also learned that Darkrai's forces also penetrated Flower Paradise. We know little about the fate of the shrine, but we fear for the opening of a second front that we cannot afford. If we want to stand a chance in this war, we must retake it as soon as possible".
"Is there nothin' we can do, besides defense?", asks all of a sudden the Unova Gym Leader, Clay. "We need to bring the fight to that fiend, damn it!"
"It is not so easy", replies Cynthia, with a calm tone. "As far as we know, Darkrai is hidden in his dark world, impossible to reach. We are trying to find a way, but until then, the best we can do is to hold our positions. Now let's have our meal for tonight, it is already getting late and I feel new battles will await us tomorrow".
While everyone leaves the hall, you head for the exit as well, but a voice calls you.
"Would you mind following me, please?". The hooded person is most certainly talking to you, and much to your surprise, everyone else is ignoring him - as if only you could see him. For a moment, you fear the worst, but a familiar pair of crimson eyes look at you from beneath the hood.


After a rather long path across the mountains, the mysterious wandered takes off his hood. As you expected, you had recognized him already.
"Sorry for taking you here so abruptly", excuses himself Lorien. "But while we are allies with the New Dawn, there are some... things... that we feel should remain secret to most of them. Nevertheless, we heard of your deeds while aboard the Bright Hope ship, and we feel we can trust you. Now come, the prince is awaiting".
"The prince?", you ask, perplexed.
"Prince N, of house Harmonia", explains Lorien. "He was the one requesting your presence. Now please ride atop one of these". Before you, a Flygon gazes upon you with a curious expression, then nods and kneels, hinting for you to ride it. Once you sit atop the Pokemon, it takes into the air and heads towards a gulch between the mountains, diving through a cave that seems to lead deep beneath the earth. Behind you, Lorien morphs into his natural form and flies along.
For a moment the world around you becomes dark, but soon after, you start seeing a light, then another one, then myriads. Glowing mushrooms and plants flourish all over the cave, bathing it in an amazing purple iridescence as the Flygon keeps flying deeper and deeper in the complex.
"What is this place?", you ask, in awe.
"We call them the Caverns of Time", replies Latios with a solemn tone. "It is the place we were charged to keep when we still served the Timelord, Dialga, and we still preserve it even now that we are at war with him and the Ebdomadarium. Jump down, we have arrived"
As the Flygon lands you down, you find yourself before a rather young guy that hardly looks like what you would expect a prince to. He wears a simple t-shirt, white pants and a hat. However, his eyes are the eyes of a king.
"Welcome, hero", N greets you with a warm smile. "I am glad we finally meet". Next to him, you see Latios's sibling, looking at you with her amber eyes. Even in her natural form, you can still tell Latias's happiness in seeing you.
"As you probably know, the New Dawn is trying its hardest to defend the last few remaining cities against Darkrai's wrath, but the only way we can win this war is to destroy Darkrai once and for all. Unfortunately, the fiend is currently hidden in his dark homeworld, beyond the reach of mortals. But not beyond the reach of beings of his same power."
"The Nightmare Darkrai lives in is impossible to enter from your world, but it could be possible to open a passage to it from inside the Distortion World", continues Latios. "However, now that Giratina's power awoke along with the rest of the Ebdomadarium, we need to... play around to enter his kingdom. We need to travel to the past, when Cyrus first opened a door to the Distortion World, and use it to enter the present Distortion World."
"And can you do such a thing?", you ask, even if you are not sure you grasped Latios's explaination fully.
But the Dragon shakes his head in denial. "We Eon Pokemon are time keepers, not time travellers. However, while we certainly cannot rely on the help of the Timelord itself, we could ask for the help of an old ally".
"When we broke ranks to side with humans, ten thousand years ago, several other powerful beings followed us", explains Latias. "One of them is called Celebi. Unlike us, Celebi possesses an innate ability to travel through time that does not depend on the Timelord's whims. However, the spacetime locus where Celebi usually dwells in seems to be in great disarray. We suspect Celebi may have fallen under Dialga's sway."
"What is this place? And how can we reach it?"
"It is an ancient version of the glade you currently know as the Flower Paradise", replies Latias. "We can open a portal to that point in spacetime, but this is the only help we can provide you. Dialga's interdition prevents me and Latios from using the Caverns of Time to travel across past and future".
"It will be up to you to rescue Celebi and bring him back to us", concludes N. Anticipating your doubts, he adds "Fear not, Cynthia and the other leaders know about this plan. If all goes well, you should be able to come back before all is lost. Should you succeed, we will finally be able to be in a position to strike back at Darkrai before the Hour of Twilight comes to pass".


After Assault on Mt. Coronet

Even if it was hastily built in a few hours, the Bright Hope expedition camp managed to provide some much needed shelter from the raging winds, as well as a useful logistic hub to prepare the final phase of the operation. Even now, the Psychic-type Pokemon deployed by the ship crew are travelling back and forth between the summit and the base of the mountain to retrieve supplies for the base. Every person who did not suffer injuries during the aerial fights is doing his best to help, as well. The situation may still look bleak, but nobody seems willing to give up, yet.

This and other thoughts cross your mind, as you walk towards the very summit of Mt. Coronet along with Cynthia. Above your heads, Celebi, Cresselia and the Aeon twins follow you closely, as well. However, no other ally, human or Pokemon, is guarding the small group. Despite Lt. Surge's protestations, in fact, the Sinnoh Champion insisted that all capable trainers would protect the campbase. You cannot help but wonder whether she was confident she could handle any threat on her own, or she simply did not want anybody else to put his life on the line in her stead. Thankfully, no enemies appear to stand in the way of the small party, who manages to reach the summit safely.

The ruins of Spear Pillar, which made their way into tales and legends recounted all around Sinnoh, stand tall in defiance of the harsh winds. The air itself is saturated with a heavy sense of dread, though you cannot tell to which extent Darkrai is actually responsible for this. However, you soon leave these impressions behind you, as Cynthia stops in her tracks and turns towards the group.


"First of all... allow me to thank you all, heroes and Pokemon alike. Regardless of the outcome, humanity will forever be in your debt. It is your valor that kept our hopes alive until now, even in our darkest hour"
Cynthia's eyes meets the ones of the legendary Pokemon in a long silence, interrupted only by the howling wind. Then, Sinnoh's Champion nods and draws a flute - the same one Eusine attempted to wrest from her.
"Now, it is time to give those hopes an answer."
As she murmurs these words, Cynthia glances at Celebi, who nods in return. The Pokemon's blue eyes, then, begin glowing in a suffused light. Nothing seemingly happens around you, making it hard to even tell if something is going on, at all. And yet, you cannot help but notice that the incessant howling of the wind has somehow subsided. Even after Celebi's eyes eventually return to normality, the odd feeling that the world around you has somehow come to a complete stop still persists.
Then, a silvery orb of light suddenly appears in midair, floating gently around you.
"This light will guide you to Darkrai." Cresselia's voice clearly echoes in your head. "Do not attempt to confront the fiend alone. As soon as you find his dwelling, make your way back to us."
"Once we know where Darkrai hides, we can use the flute's magic to seal him forever," Latias explains. "It will not kill him, but it will prevent him from exerting his dark influence over this world ever again."
"Neither Darkrai nor Giratina likely expect this move from us," her twin says, as well. "If we act fast enough, we may be able to blindside the Nightmare lord before he can figure out our plans."
Cynthia nods, then she glances at both of you.
"I wish I could fight this battle alongside you, but I will need to do my best to keep the portal open until you are back. I do not know what you will find, in the depths of Distortion World, but please be careful. You are the last hope of this world."


Flower Paradise
Caverns of Time: Old Flower Paradise (Part 1)
---> (Part 2)
Nightmare Prison
Assault on Mt. Coronet - The Siege
---> The Gunship Battle
Distortion World

(Only if at least one of the challengers completed Trial of Darkness) Full Moon Island (Hard only)
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The Fate of Flower Paradise
Quest Giver: Korrina
Requirements: None

While you hang around in the Pokemon League, you notice the Kalos Gym Leader of Shalou City, Korinna, talking with other trainers who came, like you, to defend the people of Sinnoh from Darkrai's wrath.
"It looks like everyone is here", she nods as you take your place in the group. "Very well. I have been asked from Cynthia to organize the attack on Flower Paradise, and I will need all the help you can muster. We still don't know a lot about what transpired in the glade, but we know what's at stake".
She extracts her Mega Ring from a pocket. "As you are aware, your Key Stones can be empowered upon touching the Sundial in Anistar City. Hidden within the Flower Paradise there is a much more ancient sundial, similar in nature to the one in Anistar City. We suspect that Darkrai is seeking the power of this sundial.
We cannot allow it! Since a full-fledged assault could be intercepted by Darkrai's forces, we'll form small groups of trainers who will move autonomously. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to hit the Pokemon Center or the Pokemon Market before leaving.
You are dismissed. And, for what's worth", she adds, with a sad tone in her voice, "I wish you all the best. You are our last hope, heroes".
Before leaving, you notice another ring in her hand, showing a sapphire and a ruby entwined like two creatures. Maybe she knows...?

Objective: Save the Flower Paradise from darkness
Rewards: 500 Rep. Points with Custodians of Time. Empowered Mega Ring - allows the trainer to Mega Evolve a Pokemon without needing to equip it the respective Mega Stone. The Mega Evolved Pokemon do not get any extra effects their original Mega Stones would have otherwise afforded (such as infinite weather ability or permanent boosts from Speed Boost). Trainers are still limited to only one Mega Evolution per battle, but they can change which Pokemon to Mega Evolve between battles.

Lost in Time
Quest giver: Latias
Requirements: None

"There is... something... that you should know, before going through the time portal", adds Latias once N and Latios left.
"In a distant past, my brother and I were servants of Dialga", she begins explaining, her voice filled with shame. "It is not something we are proud of, but in his name we caused sufferings to your people - not unlike what Darkrai or the other allies of the Ebdomadarium are doing now. And like us, Celebi saw what was wrong in the way we were ruling over humanity, and allied with them to overthrow the yoke of dragons' tyranny. I don't believe he had any change of heart in this sense, but I fear the Timelord may have taken over his mind by force.
If that is the case, I beg you - save Celebi! We need his help to find Darkrai, and...". A tear slides down the red dragon's cheek. "He is one of the last surviving beings I can still call friends".

Objective: Find and rescue Celebi in the old version of Flower Paradise
Rewards: 300 Rep. Points with Custodians of Time.
Badge of Light X2

Rescue in the Nightmare
Quest giver: Latios
Requirements: "Lost in Time" quest completed

As you return to your present time, you find both N and Latias awaiting you. The Eon Dragon's eyes fill with tears of joy upon seeing Celebi, and even the prince looks warmed up by the return of the legendary pixie.
"Thank you, heroes", he greets you, while Latias and her brother rejoyce with Celebi. "You have succeeded against all odds and managed to save Celebi from an ill fate."
Upon hearing your tale, however, his enthusiasm is tempered with concern. "... I see. The Timelord's interference was to be expected, now that the Seal is no more. However, we must not let this distract us from our main objective".
Latios nods as he walks into the discussion. "Celebi can help us opening a timeway to the Distortion World, but we cannot defeat Darkrai alone. In order to defeat that fiend, we need the help of another ally - the only one whose powers can fight back the Nightmare Lord"
"The Lunar Pokemon, Cresselia", confirms Latias. "From what we learned, Darkrai's forces confined her in imprisonment. We managed to detect a path to her prison, but the Nightmare Lord will undoubtedly have not left his sworn enemy unguarded".
"Nevertheless, we have no choice but to try and set her free", concludes N. "Unfortunately, since we need to keep this mission undercover, we'll be able to provide limited assistance only. We'll grant you access to the place where Cresselia has been secluded, but it will fall on you to free her from Darkrai's clutches. Are you up to the task?"

Objective: Rescue Cresselia from the Nightmare Prison
Rewards: 300 Rep. Points with Custodians of Time.
Badge of Light X2

Completed Quests

The Fate of Flower Paradise: Deadfox081, Dogfish44, Elevator Music, Fort Colorcastle, Frosty, Gale Wing Srock, Its_A_Random, Jjayyfeather, Maxim, Texas Cloverleaf
Lost in Time: Dogfish44, Frosty, Its_A_Random, Maxim
Rescue in the Nightmare: Dogfish44, Frosty, Its_A_Random, Maxim
Trial of Light: Dogfish44, Maxim
Trial of Darkness: Dogfish44, Maxim
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What's Reputation?

Reputation is a stat associated with each player. It can be raised completing quests for a specific faction or killing bosses within a certain Raid zone. Higher reputation standings give access to better items.

The reputation tiers are the following:
Friendly - 0
Honored - 500
Revered - 1000
Exalted - 2000

Reputation Standings for Custodians of Time:

Deadfox081 - Revered 1600/2000
Dogfish44 - Exalted 2000/2000
Elevator Music - Revered 1100/2000
Fort Colorcastle - Honored 800/1000
Frosty - Exalted 2000/2000
Gale Wing Srock - Honored 800/1000
Its_A_Random - Exalted 2000/2000
Jjayyfeather - Honored 800/1000
Maxim- Exalted 2000/2000
Texas Cloverleaf - Revered 1600/2000
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Custodians of Time Quartermaster


Pumkin Berry: Restores 20 energy.
Cost: 3 CC for 1 | Activation: Once at <=25% Energy | Natural Gift: 10 BP, Light


Glyph of Fell Stinger: Causes Fell Stinger to always raise the user's Attack Stage by 2, and to raise the user's Attack Stage to the max if the target is knocked out. | Cost: 5 CC
Glyph of Baby-Doll Eyes: Baby-Doll Eyes will no longer lower the target's Attack. Instead, it will force the target to attack the user (like Taunt). Increases the base energy cost of Baby-Doll Eyes by 2. | Cost: 5 CC
Glyph of Cross Chop: Raises the critical damage bonus of Cross Chop by 3, its critical hit stage by 1, and increases its accuracy by a flat 15%. | Cost: 5 CC
Glyph of Will-O-Wisp: Causes the burn induced by Will-O-Wisp to last 3 more actions on bosses. | Cost: 5 CC
Glyph of Drill Peck: Increases the power of Drill Peck by 2. | Cost: 5 CC
Glyph of Double Hit: Increases the power of Double Hit by 2 (for each hit). | Cost: 5 CC
Glyph of Sludge: Gives Sludge a 20% chance to grant the user Clearcasting, reducing the energy cost of the next special attacking move by 100% and causing it to always land a critical hit. | Cost: 5 CC


Glyph of Aromatic Mist: Causes Aromatic Mist to affect all the user's team mates. Increases the base energy cost of Aromatic Mist by 3. | Cost: 10 CC
Hive Queen's Paragon: Increases the holder's Defense and Sp. Defense ranks by 3, and the power of Bug-type and Flying-type attacking moves by 10. Reduces the energy cost of Heal Order and Defense Order by 2, while increasing the priority of these moves by 1. Increases the power of Attack Order by 1, and gives it a 50% chance on critical hits to cause the next Defense Order within 2 actions to cost no energy and increase Defense and Sp. Defense stages by 2 instead of 1. Usable only by: Vespiquen | Cost: 15 CC
Spider's Kiss: Increases the holder's Sp. Attack rank by 12, grants it the benefits of the Skill Link ability and causes multi-hit moves to always critically hit. Increases the power of Cross Poison, Poison Jab and Shadow Sneak by 10. Usable only by: Ariados | Cost: 15 CC
Abyssal Windbag: Increases the holder's Attack and Sp. Attack ranks by 3 and the power of Ghost- and Flying-type attacking moves by 8. Reduces the energy cost of Shadow Mend by 3 and increases its priority by 1. Causes Flare Boost to be always active. Usable only by: Driblim | Cost: 15 CC
Sol Ring: Increases the holder's Attack rank by 12 and grants it the benefits of the Pixilate and Sheer Force abilities. Wild Charge will no longer cause recoil damage. Play Rough will hit up to three adjacent targets. The holder can now use Pay Day even if it does not know the move. Usable only by: Dedenne | Cost: 15 CC
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Move Tutor


Base Power: --
Attack Type: Other
Target: User and All Allies
Priority: 0
Accuracy: --
Effect Chance: --
Energy Cost: 15
Effect: Rallies the team mates, increasing every raid member's damage by 50% for 4 actions. Once a Pokemon gets this buff, they also get the Sated debuff, preventing them from benefitting again from the effects of Bloodlust for 20 actions.
Move Price to be taught to a Pokémon: 2 CC
Prerequisite to learn this move: The owner must be Honored (or better) with the Custodians of Time.

Pokémon which can learn this move:

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Bubble Shield


Base Power: --
Attack Type: Other
Target: User or Adjacent Ally
Priority: 0
Accuracy: --
Effect Chance: --
Energy Cost: 15
Effect: Shields a friendly target with a defensive bubble. The bubble can absorb up to 20 damage (both direct and residual) before faltering, lasts for 4 actions and can be refreshed, but it will not stop status ailments or other effects. Any leftover damage is inflicted to the Bubble Shield target. Pokemon with the ability Infiltrator can pierce through Bubble Shield, but sound-based moves cannot. Any damage that is absorbed by Bubble Shield will not disrupt the target's moves. Using Bubble Shield on a Pokemon also gives them the Weakened Spirit debuff, preventing them from being targetted by another Bubble Shield for 2 actions.
Prerequisite to learn this move: The owner must be Honored (or better) with the Custodians of Time.

Pokémon which can learn this move:

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Open Invite for Flower Paradise (Normal Mode), Feel Free to message me RE Teams.

EDIT: And taking the quest: The Fate of flower Paradise.
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I guess I might as well throw up an open invitation for Caverns of Time: Old Flower Paradise for whatever mode (preference for hard due to easier teambuilding).

Five bucks says there will be a lot of grass-types or ghost-weak Pokémon so odds are I will prepare for that sort of raid. I do have the gear for it after all I guess and if I really need to, buy a Hood of the Plaguebringer or whatever. Time to scout or something. Contact me if you are interested.

I will accept the quest thingy once I know who I am going to raid with.


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Changing my challenge that nobody will accept to a Normal Mode Flower Paradise raid that nobody will probably accept either. I guess my best assets are a tank in Skarmory and a Phantump one-shotter in Delibird. I probably want some healers that can deal damage like Mollux I guess though I have some myself... Ugh times like these I wish I can raid with myself hahaha.

I guess I will accept the Mega Stone quest thingy as well


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I once recalled Zar calling this ASB community as being made of "pussies". As a guy who raids beside Gem, I take utmost affront at this statement.

Time to show what foolish courage we have! Inviting GemOftheDay to Caverns of Time: Old Flower Paradise (NM)!! Also taking the Lost in Time side quest.

Texas Cloverleaf

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Open invitation to CoT: Old Flower Paradise (Normal or Hard)

I'll be bringing Mega Zard-Y, other mon(s) can be discussed (hydreigon, Pyroak, a healer, etc)

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