ASB Series Tournament: Round 2


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ASB Series Tourney

Host: JJayyFeather | Cohost: Ooraloo

Battle Rules
B4P3 Series
48 Hour DQ, 1 Warning - 72 Hours for refs
Switch = None
Items: All
Subsitutions: 2
Megas: Infinite
Z-Moves: 1 per Z-Crystal used
1 Recovery / 2 Chills
Turn Order:
Coin Flip followed by Right of Way.
Arena: ASB Tournament Arena

Series Explanation
- Best of 3 1v1s
- Turn Order is determined by Coin Flip in the first fight, and Right of Way in future fights.
- Right of Way: Granted to the loser of the previous bout.
- Individual fights can end in a tie. In such a case, a tiebreaker will be conducted where Right of Way goes to the victor of the last round that ended in a victory.
- In the tiebreaker, players may use any of the 4 Pokemon that they sent in, even if they were used previously.

In lieu of the post from Gale about him leaving ASB, he has been replaced with Granny Pie
EDIT: Exclaimer has also been replaced, but by Matezoide


JJayyFeather vs Exclaimer [Ref: Yoshiblaze]
Elevator Music vs Complications [Ref: Frosty]
Yoshiblaze vs nightblitz42 [Ref: Frosty]
Birkal vs Granny Pie [Ref: JJayyFeather]

For the refs: Prefix the thread titles with [Series R2]

Battle Rewards
Winner: Standard rewards, 10 UC
Loser: Standard rewards
Ref: [Standard Rewards]*1.5

DQ for sending in and getting matches started is 12:00:00 UTC-4 on Wednesday, February 21

Good luck and have fun!

Signups / Round 1


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