Gen 6 Assault Vest Landorus-T (DOU)


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Name: Assault Vest Pivot
Move 1: Earthquake
Move 2: Rock Slide
Move 3: Superpower / Knock Off
Move 4: U-Turn
Item: Assault Vest
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 168 HP / 124 Atk / 36 SpD / 180 Spe


While Assault Vest Landorus-T plays different than its Choice Scarf counterpart, the move choice is largely similar. Earthquake is all but mandatory on any Landorus-T set in Doubles OU thanks to its consistent spread damage and ability to OHKO popular Pokemon like Heatran. Rock Slide allows Landorus-T to significantly damage the popular Flying type Pokemon in the tier such as Thundurus, Mega Charizard Y, and Talonflame, usually scoring OHKOs on the last two. Superpower gives Landorus-T valuable coverage against the likes of Mega Kangaskhan and Hydreigon, as well as providing a way for it to damage Steel types like Heatran and Ferrothorn without putting its partner in the way of an Earthquake. Knock Off is also a popular choice on Assault Vest Landorus-T thanks to the immense utility removing a Pokemon’s held item carries. Additionally, Knock Off can cripple Pokemon that rely on items for recovery, such as Leftovers Aegislash or Sitrus Berry Belly Drum Azumarill. Finally, U-Turn is an excellent choice on most any Pokemon that can learn it, letting Landorus-T switch out to recycle its invaluable Intimidate while chipping away at its target. U-Turn also provides some unique coverage that covers for the choice made in the third moveslot, hitting both Dark- and Psychic-types super effectively in the absence of either Superpower or Knock Off.

Set Details

Especially in conjunction with Intimidate, Assault Vest provides a significant boost to Landorus-T’s bulk when compared to the more popular Choice Scarf set. Instead of opting purely for Speed and Attack, this Landorus-T is invested in HP and Special Defense such that it will always survive a Steam Eruption from Modest Volcanion. The Speed EVs let Landorus-T outspeed positive-Natured Pokemon with base 70 Speed, such as Volcanion, Breloom, and Bisharp. The remaining EVs are dumped into Attack which, coupled with an Adamant Nature, still allows Landorus-T to be an offensive threat. This EV spread is not set in stone, however, as Landorus-T is a Pokemon with a very flexible role that should be adapted to the team around it. Some Assault Vest Landorus-T are content with the Special Defense boost from the Assault Vest alone and instead use a simple EV spread of 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe and a Jolly Nature in order to outspeed and heavily damage neutral Nature Mega Kangaskhan and Hydreigon. For a combination of Speed and bulk, Assault Vest Landorus-T can use an EV spread of 112 HP / 156 Atk / 16 Def / 4 SpD / 220 Spe with a Jolly Nature to outspeed Adamant Mega Kangaskhan and survive both a +1 Life Orb Bisharp Sucker Punch and Mega Charizard Y Overheat in the sun.

Usage Tips

Instead of acting as a wallbreaker, like the Life Orb set, or a fast cleaner, like the Choice Scarf set, Assault Vest Landorus-T functions best as a bulky pivot. Thanks to Intimidate, Assault Vest, and a passable defensive typing, it is able to switch into and absorb a wide variety of attacks before being knocked out. Once on the field, Assault Vest Landorus-T plays in a much more forgiving manner than the more offensive sets. Generally, Assault Vest Landorus-T is used to weaken a physical attack for an important teammate and pivot back out with U-Turn to provide another teammate with a safe switch. While this bulkier set tends to act as a bit of a punching bag, it is important to remember that even a bulkier Landorus-T functions well as an offensive check to some of the most common Pokemon in the metagame. As such, making sure that Landorus-T stays healthy enough to handle the threats it needs to check is crucial. This balance between support and offense allows Assault Vest Landorus-T to shine, combining utility and power into one threat that is not to be underestimated.

Team Options

While Landorus-T can fit on almost any team in the Doubles OU tier, Assault Vest Landorus-T is best suited to teams that don’t need either the speed or power provided by Choice Scarf and Life Orb, respectively. Pokemon with naturally lower Defense that appreciate Intimidate support appreciate the bulkier Assault Vest Landorus-T as a partner thanks to its ability to cycle Intimidate more often through the battle. Mega Gardevoir is a prime example of such a Pokemon, as its sky high Special Defense is complemented very well by Landorus-T’s Intimidate. Additionally, Mega Gardevoir typically runs Trick Room, which can turn the generally lower speed on Assault Vest Landorus-T into an advantage. Any Landorus-T set appreciates having partners immune to Ground type attacks so it can freely use Earthquake, and the Assault Vest set is no exception. In keeping with the bulkier theme, Rotom-W and Thundurus can often be seen accompanying Landorus-T thanks to their ability to beat the Water types that give Landorus-T problems. Both of these Pokemon often carry status moves, such as Will-O-Wisp or Thunder Wave, that further cripple the opponents’ Pokemon, creating a nasty combination that some teams have trouble breaking. Finally, Landorus-T’s vulnerability to Ice type Attacks means that Pokemon like Keldeo and Heatran make good partners for their Ice resistances and super effective STAB attacks.
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I'd typically want these to start as skeletons instead of in full writeups but since this is a past gen analysis and you clearly know what you're talking about I don't care so I'll just check as-is.
  • [Moves] Could mention that U-turn helps with coverage against Psychic-types if you chose Superpower or against Dark-types if you chose Knock Off, rounding it out a bit either way. I feel pretty good about this section as-is though, so up to you if you want to make this change
  • [Set Details] 112 HP / 156 Atk / 16 Def / 4 SpD / 220 Spe Jolly is another option if you wanted to mention it. This outspeeds Adamant Kang, takes LO Bisharp Sucker, takes most Zard Y Overheat in Sun, dump in Atk
  • [Set Details] More generally speaking, throw in a line about how flexible Landorus-T's spread is - it should adapt to the team it's on
  • [Usage Tips] Try not to spend too much time in this section talking about other Landorus-T sets; my general rule is that we want these analyses to be easy to understand piecewise, so comparing to other sets might make new users think they have to read up on those other sets even if they aren't planning to use them.
  • [Usage Tips] Instead, add in a few more specific notes: switching it in to weaken an incoming physical attack for a crucial teammate, keeping it decently healthy so that the threats it needs to check are still handled, using U-turn as a way to switch in a teammate more safely, how well it functions during each stage of the game (does it work well as a lead? saved for late-game as a cleaner? pivoting in and out in the mid-game?), etc
Solid work, implement the above for QC 1/2 and PM me with any questions


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Generally, remove the references to the other sets. The comparisons made, while good, aren't really essential to the specific points being made and kind of make the work unnecessarily longer. It's also in a bit of a gray area I feel as there's shouldn't be much referencing across sets (ie it's an actual rule). For example, on the moves section: you could probably take out your opener and you'd still encompass everything readers need to know, which is simply the purpose of the moves themselves. Similarly, simply saying in UT that it would make a darn good pivot and leaving it at that would shave some length while keeping the overall message the same. Fix these and you're p gucci mane my dude, especially the lead for the Team Options part; a beginner would just be at a loss when they read that, since it doesn't actually specifically say why Landorus-T is actually good with the comparison being the only reason it has meaning.

Also: "This balance between support and offense allows Assault Vest Landorus-T to shine, combining utility and power into one threat that is not to be underestimated." in Usage Tips is also fluff and should be removed. It doesn't actually say anything about using Lando-T; it's more of something you put in the Overview than here

Regardless, this is an excellent job for, like, your first analysis I think? A superb effort my g

2/2 :blobthumbsup:

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