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Assault Vest (Raging Bolt) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Protosynthesis
Tera Type: Fairy / Grass
EVs: 132 HP / 140 Def / 100 SpA / 52 SpD / 84 Spe
Modest Nature
- Thunderclap
- Draco Meteor / Dragon Pulse
- Thunderbolt / Electroweb / Volt Switch
- Snarl / Electroweb

  • Assault Vest boosts Raging Bolt's already incredible bulk, enabling it to survive hits such as an Earth Power from Landorus-I and Gholdengo, while being able to fire back powerful moves in return or disrupt the opposing field with the likes of Snarl and Electroweb.
  • Its Dragon and Electric typing allows it to take hits from most Fire-, Water- and Grass-types, namely Ogerpon-Wellspring,Ogerpon-Hearthflame, and Rillaboom.
  • Raging Bolt's signature move, Thunderclap, circumvents its unamuzing speed tier via a powerful STAB boosted priority move from the highest base Special Attack in the tier.
  • Both Draco Meteor and Dragon Pulse threaten Dragon-types like Kyurem, Gouging Fire and Dragonite. It comes down to the user's personal preference between using a powerful Draco Meteor or a consistent Dragon Pulse that trades the drop of Special Attack for a lower base damage.
  • Thunderbolt is an option for a second strong Electric-type STAB, avoiding the need of correctly predicting an attack from the enemy; however, Electroweb can be used to disrupt as a mean of speed control or Volt Switch to get a positioning tool.
  • The last move slot is aimed to destabilize your opponent via Snarl, which lowers the Special Attack and considerable lowering the damage output of the likes of Landorus-I and Gholdengo, or Electroweb.
  • The present EV Spread allows Raging Bolt to survive an Icicle Crash from Adamant Chien-Pao, OHKOs maximum HP investment Tornadus with Thunderbolt, outspeeds both Jolly Chien-Pao and uninvitested Rillaboom in Tailwind, with the remaining EVs being dumped in Special Defense.
  • Tera Fairy provides great utility as a defensive Tera type, while turning it's Dragon weakness into an immunity, while Tera Grass resists Ground-type moves like Earth Power from Landorus-I.
  • AV Raging Bolt excels as a slow pivot that his able to bring teammates such as Landorus-I, Ogerpon-Wellspring and Chien-Pao safely onto the field, who appreciate its ability of threatening with opposing Volcanion, Ogerpon-Wellspring and Tornadus, while covering Raging Bolt's weakness to Ground-Types.
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