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Hosted by Celever, Ghostilex, meamPearl and 35Q71N | Approved by A Cake Wearing A Hat

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Logo by me​

Welcome to the inaugural Baby Random Battle tournament! The format has just been released after many months of gestation so now it's time to celebrate its launch with a tournament held in a single elimination, best of 3 series.

Disclaimer number 1: this is NOT a spotlight tournament. Its purpose is to promote this new format which is meant to be a permanent ladder

What is Baby Random Battle?
As the name suggests, Baby Random Battle (or in short, Baby Rands) mixes together random battles with Little Cup in an unprecedented way, since your teams will consist of base stage pokemon whose level ranges from 5 to 9. Since the babies are the protagonists, don’t be surprised to see an abundance of the item Eviolite, pokemon with pretty different skillsets from their “parents” and funny rolls with multi-hit moves. Ah, and Duraludon, the very small baby Duraludon


The winner of this tournament will receive the Room Prize Winner rank in the Random Battles room for a month and, most importantly, eternal glory and the right to brag for winning the first ever baby rands tournament

How does the tour work?

It’s simple:
1. Contact your opponent on their Smogon wall and decide on a time to battle.
2. Battle each other in the format “Baby Random Battle”. This format can be found under 'Randomized Format Spotlight', at the top of the third column. Alternatively, use /challenge Baby Random Battle. You can also run the entire series and keep track of the results of each game with /challenge Baby Random Battle@@@bestof=3
3. The first player to 2 wins advances to the next round.

Please note:
1. All scheduling attempts MUST be done publicly on Smogon Walls. No other proof of communication will count for act calls regarding scheduling attempts.
2. You MUST post replays of your wins.

We strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the Smogon Tournament Rules and General Guidelines, if you haven’t already. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the tour hosts, Celever, Ghostilex, meamPearl and 35Q71N here on Smogon.

How do I sign up?

Just post “in”!

Disclaimer number 2: it's possible that if the current signups slightly exceed the number required to have a perfect bracket and we are not far from the deadline, the players in excess will become subs. We strongly advise to post your signup quickly if you are interested to play in this tournament.

DEADLINE is Sunday 23rd at 11:59 GMT+-0
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