Tournament Balanced Hackmons Ladder Tournament 2 - Cycle 1

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Welcome to the first ever Balanced Hackmons Ladder Tournament! This will consist of weekly cycles and subsequently playoffs for those who qualify. This Cycle will run for 7 days and will end on Sunday, Februrary 20th at 9:00 pm PST (GMT-8).


1. The hosts of this tournament are XxSevagxX and lph . For the duration of this tournament, we'll be using the [Gen 8] Balanced Hackmons ladder on Pokemon Showdown! This is to stimulate ladder activity and promote competition on the main ladder itself.

2. Qualification for the BHLT will be through 2 cycles lasting a total of one week (7 days) each. At the end of each cycle, the 8 accounts with the highest ELO on the ladder who also meet the signup criteria specified below will qualify for playoffs (single elim, best of 3 each round), resulting in a total of 16 qualifying players. The ladder itself won't be resetting, so players will need to create a new alt for each cycle they choose to play in.

3. In order for an alt to count, you must signup in this thread BEFORE playing battles using the following format:

[BHLTW1] <Smogon [Forum] Name>
- "Smogon Name" refers to whatever your name on the forum is. Each person is only allowed to use one alt per cycle—any alt or signup that doesn't follow the format will be ignored regardless of its rank on the ladder.

Forum name: XxSevagxX
Cycle 1 Alt: BHLTW1 XxSevagxX
Does my alt for Cycle 1 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: yes
BE SURE TO REGISTER YOUR ALT AS SOON AS YOU CREATE IT. There will be zero compensation for anyone who creates an alt to ladder and does not register it for protection. Additionally, you will not be allowed to edit your alt (AKA use a different account and then change your signup) after including it in your initial signup for either cycle.

4. Cheating: Any user found cheating for any reason will be subject to punishments. This includes suspected instances of intentionally forfeiting to "boost" an account or tying games that aren't complete losses.

5. On qualifying multiple times: Once you make the top 8 and qualify (this does not mean making the top 8 at any given point during the cycle, it means being in the top 8 at the end of the cycle), you’re qualified for playoffs. You are free to ladder any other week you wish. However, making the top 8 more than once won’t give a player anything other than personal satisfaction and bragging rights. If a person qualifies again during the week after their initial qualification, the newly qualified account will be skipped and the next unqualified account will be selected from the leaderboard to participate in the tournament.

Is there a prize?
The winner of the playoffs will receive [bragging rights and] a month of Discord Nitro Classic :]

Good luck to everyone! Please make sure to read the rules of the tournament carefully. If your signup post does not follow the rules explained above, it will be ignored. Again, this Cycle will run for 7 days and will end on Sunday, Februrary 20th at 9:00 pm PST (GMT-8).
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