[Balanced Hackmons] Mega Audino [QC: 0/3]


- Mega Audino’s great bulk allows it wall many threats of the meta
- Its bulk allows Mega Audino to run mixed defenses
- Through its versatility, Mega Audino can fulfill a wide variety of defensive and supportive roles
- Mega Audino has many viable abilities that it can run
- Due to its unique typing, Mega Audino has only two weaknesses, both of which are uncommon offensively
- Mega Audino also has an important immunity to both Ghost-type and Dragon-type
- Unfortunately, its typing grants it only one resistance to Dark-type while being hit neutrally by every other type
- Although it has great mixed bulk, it's potential mainly relies on only being able to successfully wall specific threats
- Mega Audino's defenses are not great enough to handle -Ates very well
- It is also vulnerable to all forms of status

name: Poison Heal
move 1: Knock Off/Will-O-Wisp
move 2: Metal Burst/Leech Seed
move 3: Recover
move 4: Spiky Shield/U-Turn/Whirlwind
item: Toxic Orb
ability: Poison Heal
nature: Sassy
evs: 248 HP/8 Def /252 SpD


- Knock Off grants Mega Audino the utility of removing items such as Spooky Plate to turn Judgment into Normal-type, letting Ghost-types easily wall them
- Will-O-Wisp lets Mega Audino cut physical damage in half and deal passive damage
- Mega Audino can also run Scald to allow Magic Bounce or Flash Fire users to be burned as well, however the 30% chance to burn is very noticeable
- Metal Burst allows Mega Audino to punish attackers that fail to OHKO
- Leech Seed gives Mega Audino more recovery as well as dealing passive damage
- Any recovery move lets Mega Audino heal up half of its health
- Additionally Mega Audino can provide Wish support
- Spiky Shield shields Mega Audino for one turn allowing Poison Heal recovery to rack up
- King's Shield can also be used for its secondary effect of halving attack if contacted, but makes Mega Audino vulnerable to status moves
- U-Turn or Volt Switch lets Mega Audino pivot out
- Whirlwind is used to phaze out setup sweepers such as Poison Heal Kyogre

Set Details
- Poison Heal gives Mega Audino immunity to status as well as granting it passive recovery
- A specially defensive spread allows Mega Audino to handle most variants of Protean Mega Mewtwo Y easily
- Even with no investment in physical bulk, Mega Audino will only have a 30% chance of being 2HKOed by Secret Sword from +2 Mega Gengar
- Max special defense also allows Mega Audino to only take 50% from uninvested Mega Rayquaza Boomburst and can outstall some variants with a combination of Leech Seed and Spiky Shield
- 0 Speed IVs are recommended to spread status or remove items to offensive Pokemon that get pivoted in from a defensive Pokemon or to act as a slow pivot

Usage Tips
- Mega Audino is used to wall Mega Gengar and Spooky Plate Mega Mewtwo Y thanks to its unique typing
- It can also be used to absorb most special attacks due to its bulk
- Mega Audino can use utility moves such as Knock Off or Will-O-Wisp to remove items or spread status
- Mega Audino can also be used to absorb status moves or be used as a Knock Off sponge once it has been poisoned

Team Options
- Mega Audino works well with physically defensive Pokemon or Fur Coat users to check powerful attacks from Protean Mewtwo Mega X or Primal Groudon
- Ghost-types such as Giratina or Aegislash are recommended due to being immune to Judgment once the plate has been removed
- Mega Audino also likes Steel-types such as Registeel, Aegislash, or Fur Coat Chansey to check –Ates

name: Unaware
move 1: Heart Swap/Haze/Perish Song
move 2: Baton Pass/Whirlwind
move 3: Recover
move 4: Metal Burst
item: Leftovers/Safety Goggles/Audinite
ability: Unaware
nature: Relaxed
evs: 248 HP/130 Def /130 SpD


- Heart Swap lets Mega Audino steal the opponent's stats to end their threat
- Haze can also be used if removing the boosts is preferred to stealing them
- Additionally Mega Audino can run Topsy-Turvy to flip the boosts around, however Topsy-Turvy will not affect Pokemon behind a Substitute nor will it work against Magic Bounce users
- Perish Song is used to force the opponent to switch out in 3 turns
- Baton Pass allows Mega Audino to pass boosted stats to other Pokemon, however be cautious since this can cause problems if Mega Audino or the newly boosted Pokemon get copied through Imposter
- Whirlwind lets Mega Audino phaze out the setup sweeper
- Recovery allows Mega Audino to heal up half of its health
- Metal Burst can be used to damage foes that decide to attack Mega Audino
- Mega Audino can also run Knock Off to have the utility of removing items
- Refresh is another viable move since most Poison Heal sweepers will carry attacks that cause status such as Scald or Sacred Fire

Set Details
- Unaware lets Mega Audino wall common Poison Heal setup sweepers as well as Gale Wings Mega Rayquaza
- Mixed defenses allow Mega Audino to avoid being 2HKOed from both physical and special moves, taking 40% from both Mega Tyranitar's Diamond Storm and Mega Rayquaza's Oblivion Wing
- Leftovers give Mega Audino passive recovery
- Safety Goggles gives Mega Audino protection to Spore as well as weather damage
- Audinite grants Mega Audino immunity to Trick

Usage Tips
- Mega Audino is used to wall setup sweepers without fear of their stat boosts
- Mega Audino can either steal stats with Heart Swap and Baton Pass to an offensive Pokemon or remove them completely through Haze
- Mega Audino can also use Perish Song or Whirlwind to force a switch

Team Options
- Imposter Chansey works well with Mega Audino against Contrary users since it is not bulky enough to wall them successfully
- A Prankster user with Topsy-Turvy or Taunt is recommended to stop an Imposter in case Mega Audino steals boosts through Heart Swap but gets copied in the process
- Magic Bounce users and Poison Heal users or a team cleric can help to absorb or remove status


Other Options
- Mega Audino can also run Fur Coat to check powerful physical attackers such as Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Tyranitar
- Fur Coat will also allow Mega Audino to completely wall most variants of Spooky Plate Mega Mewtwo Y
- Mega Audino can also run Magic Bounce to prevent status moves or entry hazards
- Mega Audino can also run Prankster to stop setup sweepers through Topsy-Turvy and can also force defensive Pokemon to switch out through Taunt

Checks and Counters
**Strong Attacks** – Powerful moves such as –Ate Boomburst and Protean V-create are strong enough to break Mega Audino’s defenses and can 2HKO or potentially OHKO.

**Primal Groudon** – Primal Groudon is immune to moves such as Knock Off and Will-O-Wisp and can punish Mega Audino using its powerful sun boosted Fire-type STAB moves such as V-create and Sacred Fire.

**Dialga** – Dialga will force Mega Audino to switch out thanks to its powerful Steel-type STAB from Doom Desire, which will guarantee a OHKO if Dialga is holding an Adamant Orb.

**Mega Gengar** – Some variants of Mega Gengar will carry Poison-type STAB moves such as Sludge Wave or Sludge Bomb, both of which will OHKO or 2HKO Mega Audino.

**Magic Bounce Users** – Although Mega Audino can remove their item, Magic Bounce users will completely wall Mega Audino’s status moves and will force it to switch out.

**Poison Heal Users** – Mega Audino can’t do much against Poison Heal sets once they are poisoned and is normally forced to switch out.
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Overview: mention some of the common things that it walls; in general, don't just list facts about the typing, say specific things within the metagame that that typing allows it to achieve (e.g. why is it special that it has a ghost/dragon immunity?); instead of saying "vulnerable to all forms of status," say that it lacks the immunities to poison and burn that some other common defensive Pokemon possess

Set 1:

Moves: Mention that Spooky Plate is being removed from Mega Gengar and Mega Mewtwo Y
Mention that Metal Burst is especially effective due to the high HP stat and investment
Say that the 30% chance to burn on Scald is not just noticeable, but negatively noticeable (don't use that phrase though)
Explain how Leech Seed helps against Imposters
Say that the status moves that go through KS prevent Toxic Orb from activating

Set Details: these are really good

Usage Tips: mention the necessity of scouting for Poison-type moves and Adaptability before trying to wall Mega Gengar

Team Options: provide examples of such physically defensive Pokemon or Fur Coat users
Clarify the last one so it doesn't sound like Fur Coat Chansey is a Steel-type

Set 2:

Moves: Explain certain items that it would be useful for it to remove with Knock Off
Say which Poison Heal users would carry status-inflicting attacks (Kyogre, Mega Tyranitar, and Mega Gyarados are what you were referring to probably, right?)

Set Details: really good again

Usage Tips: I feel like you already said some of this stuff in Moves. Not sure what exactly, but consider beefing this section up with some additional information about how to get Audino in safely against sweepers, for example.

Team Options: Provide specific Prankster users that would work well and specific Magic Bounce and Poison Heal users or clerics that would work well

Other Options: Say that Fur Coat allows it to wall MMY because Secret Sword will be hitting based on the increased Defense stat
Mention Encore in the Prankster part because it allows Audino to Encore a Mega Gengar into Judgment or Shell Smash or an -ate user into Fake Out (I'm personally fond of that move on that set)

Checks and Counters: I'm not really sold on "Strong Attacks" as a header, but if you can't think of a better one, I encourage you to mention specific examples of the Pokemon that would be using the moves you describe.
Primal Groudon isn't "immune" to Knock Off but doesn't lose its item, nor does it take boosted damage.
In the Poison Heal users section, explain that this mostly applies to defensive Poison Heal users for the second Audino set, as offensive ones that attempt to set up are often walled by Unaware Audino.

Really good start! QC 1/3

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