Balanced Hackmons Voter Identification (Protean)

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E4 Flint

-inactive in BH due corrupt leader-
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Protean is being suspected in Balanced Hackmons! Join the discussion.
This thread will be where you show your proof that you are eligible to vote.

Do so by taking a screenshot of your rank such that it is also visible that the alt also belongs to you. Do this for both phases. Put each one in its own HIDE tag with the relevant Phase number written in the tag like so
Remember, the alts mus be new alts. Phase1 alts must have the word "Pro" somewhere in the alt together, as well as have been created on or after May 3. Phase2 alts must follow the directions when listed (this post shall be edited accordingly). If your alt does not meet these standards, you will not be eligible. You will not be able to vote without identifying yourself here.

Phase 2 requirements

Thanks for everyone's participation in phase1, I was happy to see the activity. Onwards to phase 2!

Phase2: Starting at 11:59 PM May 10th CST USA until 11:59PM May 17th.
  • You must create a new alt after the above date i.e. May 11th
  • The alt must have "Con" anywhere in the name but together. See example below
    ✔ Con E4 Flint 
    X CovalentHologram
  • The requirements will be done on the basis of COIL. The B value for this phase is 10, and the COIL requirement is again 2770. The increase in the B value means it will take you a few more games to reach the same COIL as last round. Here is how it works. It will take you N number of games to get reqs if you have a certain GXE. Some sample benchmarks are given below.
    GXE    N
    100    17
    90    27
    80    48
    70    643
    Note: You will not be able to vote if your GXE is below 70
  • To find out for yourself how much games it should take you, enter your personal GXE into the one in the equation here
  • After you have made reqs, you will post proof in the same post that you had made in the identification thread. You will not be able to vote if you had not in the first round.
  • You will make your vote in a separate voter thread similar to the GKR voting thread which I will again post when created. This will likely be after phase 2 has ended.
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bp scrub

rub a dub dub one scrub in a tub

in hindsight i should not have used this account to screw around lowladder at the beginning

this was awful and i really should have changed my team earlier rofl but whatever i guess i have reqs
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