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As the title states, this tournament focuses on how well your team utilizes the 4 Pokemons bans, which your opponents will be unable to use. The 4 bans will be shared between all 3 tiers meaning your team has to decide how much (or little) to invest into each player, ultimately giving the players either an advantage or disadvantage over their opponent.
Tournament Specific Rules
- Form teams of 3, with each member playing a Bo1
- 1 person from your team must include a team name (optional), the team members, what tier each person will be playing (or else I will assign it), and 4 Pokemon your team wants to ban
- The 4 bans will be shared between all 3 tiers (Ex: If your team bans Gastrodon, your opponents playing OU/NU may not use it)
- Your team can decide how much/little they want to invest in each tier (Ex: 3 bans OU / 1 ban NU / 0 bans LC)
- The bans only apply to the OPPOSING team, your team may use the Pokemon you banned
- Bans will be set in stone after signups are over (you may change them at any time during signups but, please notify me if you do), so choose wisely!
- Please collaborate with your team in order to ensure everyone is satisfied with the Pokemon that will be banned
- In order for your team to be eligible, the remaining members must confirm their placement by either liking your post or posting their confirmation themselves

General Rules
- Single Elimination Tour
- SM OU/NU/LC with each person taking 1 tier.
- All standard tournament rules apply
- Post replays
- Matches will be played on either Showdown or SmogTours
- If a ban/unban happens or a new clause is added at any point during the tournament, it will take effect as soon as the new round starts
- If your opponent breaks any of the rules, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to take the win or rematch

Signup posts should look something like this...

GodblessGolisopod - OU
Arcanineismysavior - NU
me - LC

Bans - Tapu Lele, Vanilluxe, Surskit, and Diglett

Barbaracle is banned so, please don't include it

Signups will end on 10/15 @ 11:59 PM PST (GMT-7)
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updated, if your name is in red that means you need to confirm your placement in the tour by either liking your leader's post or posting a confirmation post yourself. "N" basically means your team isn't qualified as of now while "Y" means that your team is eligible.

also I forgot to mention but, if you are going to sign up as a free agent, please leave your preferred tiers as well! Will update OP to reflect that

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