Ban Investments - (SM OU/NU/LC Teams) - Closed


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updated everything so far, let me know if you have edited your posts since I only went back to check on the teams without full confirmation and missing bans (or if I made any mistakes).

Also for free agents, you can sign up for more than 1 tier if you want


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aight actually I'm going to close sign-ups now since we have a good participant number (aka 24 which means there will be a round robin final) since I forgot there are 2 additional free-agent teams. I'm going to tag teams that have not been verified (so you can hassle the members that have not yet confirmed) and you'll have until the end of tomorrow (PST) to finish.

for the free-agent teams, just post a team name (if you want) and your 4 bans. No need for confirmation since you guys signed up as well, free agents.


Storm haxxers - Tempete-Familly972 Evronight cielbakasan
giv hantsuki - z0mOG Drud tjdaas
Mango Chutney - patlop2307 insult Sealette
Two and a half man - blazenix Trace kushal00
TDemolisco l'obelisco - AAamen Acsel Oibaf

Bans Needed (You don't have to ban anything if you don't want to though)
Melle is retarded - Hassin627 Melle2402 Casparov - Missing 4
The Unaware Quagsires - Jupitol TheDoctorSY JeromeSeiko - Missing 1
Storm haxxers - Tempete-Familly972 Evronight cielbakasan - Missing 1
TBD - HQuaze DurzaOffTopic MeButYou82 - Missing 4
TBD - jortml neomon Bengsu - Missing 4

again, y'all have until 10/15 @ 11:59 PM PST
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