ban liking posts in NOC


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i think it should be ok to like posts that are clearly just jokes

as for game-related posts, yeah seemsgood


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it SHOULD but afaik unlikes can't be seen

also there's still the second part which i'm pretty sure occurs significantly more


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I dont really like their existence but i dont think theres a way to remove liking posts in noc threads without removing likes across the whole forum

Imo noc sign ups should go into the main circus page and noc game threads should have their own sub forum where i would imagine its feasible to set hard restrictions such as removing peoples ability to like / edit postd


Genious to some... retard to most
Also theres no real way to punish somebody for liking a post
What are you gonna do. Modkill?
don't edit posts
don't unlike posts
don't like posts in you're in the game.

follow these rules and everyone will be happy. if someone breaks them inadvertently its nbd. this really isn't a big deal

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