NOC Bard's College Mafia - Day Three

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"done one thing" aka outed a scum and pushed a lynch on them when the lynch could have gone different ways, logically should always be higher than the WIFOM situation of if a scum pushed a lynch on another scum to save themselves
Right, I read it and I agree, I think compared to XX this is some pretty harsh treatment, yeah he's probably town.

I would put Hitmonleet above Former Hope in your list, and everyone below leet has a decent chance of being scum, mostly because everyone after leet have done one thing and then coasted so its hard to say.

Do you think there's a good argument for MS-TTM being scum-scum wagons? It didn't feel like that but the TTM wagon was a reaction to the MS wagon.
I don't know because Metal Sonic has been virtually MIA (seriously, don't complain about the length of the game if you're not active yourself) but read Metal Sonic's posts at EoD2 and imagine that he knew what TTM was flipping.

Like he could be scum but he feels like he genuinely didn't know what TTM was going to flip.
I can't think of a reason to clear the not-me PoE players and it definitely does feel like scum has to be among them; I think XX is still the best lynch today because he pushes the scum counterwagon without a good explanation + interactions with Asek.
I agree. Especially given that he literally just dipped out.
On that, I still found XX scummy on the twin/leet wagon, not for supporting leet first, but for how easily they jumped ship from leet to twin when twin wagon got the right momentum behind it
I'm fine with the XnadrojX lynch, he's been scum leaning for me anyway.
Vote: XnadrojX
also, man, this is some 'quality' posting from MetalSonic
he's falling back down towards scum-leaning for me again, but we have better lynch candidates for the moment imo [Xnad/Meow], so I'll hold off on making any arguments towards him until they're gone
mostly on board with Proph's POE, and man is that some sexy formatting
I'm going to borrow that and format my current POE with it because hng
Granny Pie


Almost Certainly Town
Texas Cloverleaf
Aura Guardian

Heavily Townleaning

Lightly Townleaning
Former Hope

Metal Sonic r. shubaka17


Asek r. ItzViper482
Thetwinmasters r. Tonithetourguide

Former Hope
The thing is, we've reached a point in the game where we have a PoE of about 3-5 people.

We need those 3-5 people dead to progress the gamestate because everyone has some piece of evidence that is clearing them.

Because those 3-5 people are not posting or not caring that they will die, the rest of the game just passively agrees with my arguments and as a result there's not really any posting.
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