NOC Bard's College Mafia - Day Three

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the 3 subs thing still stands (although if champ is actually now playing it's down to 2)

I'll get vcs if there's activity anyway soon but I'm not unpausing deadline until finding subs (or majority)
Let's just maj XnadrojX everyone.

Game's not going to go anywhere until he dies and it saves acid the trouble of finding a slot.

Regardless if he's town or scum we need this lynch to progress the game.
Dear XnadrojX,

You are Naka Door, the Town Mischief JOAT.

You're a riot... in all the meanings of the word. Violence, mayhem- all up your alley. But when IMPORTANT things are at stake - LIVES, the COLLEGE - nobody will find a more good person than you.


Visitor - Target a player.

Douse - Target a player to douse them. The “Ignite” ability will kill all doused players.

Item Thief - Target a player to steal all of their items.

Annoyer - Target a player to prevent them from using any actions or passing or using any items. If they were using an ability, they will retain its use.

no used abilities

Night X ends in 28 hours 40 minutes.
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