Battle Capacity 4.1 released

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All future releases will go in this thread.
The model I'd like to work with now is to have more frequent updates (as in less than five months apart) as long as the changes are significant enough to warrant a new release. New characters not being necessary to the equation.

You can download BatCap 4.1 here
or from here here

Changes include:

- Throw gameplay changed. Some start up, cannot grab limbs, only the torso
- The range on many normals have been improved
- Some characters got new normals, like Syclant and Pyroak. Others have had changes made to existing normals like Cyclohm and Stratagem.
- Various gameplay balances made
- New story for Fidgit in Sweatin'

Look forward to 4.2 featuring CAP11 and maybe some other surprises??
Not open for further replies.

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